Princess Productions Placement

On Tuesday the 25th of October I arrived at Princess Productions to start an interning opportunity as provided by Tuskar Trust. I was greeted at reception with a Princess welcome pack, filled with notebooks, sweets and a ‘welcome to the team’ folder. The whole top floor of Whitelys shopping centre is dedicated to Princess tv, the layout having a modern, contemporary and highly creative feel. The reception is located just outside the live studio area and is lined by coloured lighting, themed walls, decked out with a modern kitchen and a barista coffee machine. After reading through my pack, another intern and I were escorted around the top floor and met the different teams working on Princess tv projects. It was amazing to finally see the minds behind well known tv, every team being as welcoming as the next. We reached yellow office - this is where I spend the rest of my week. The office being one of the largest working spaces in Princess, facilitating teams for Stand Up to Cancer, Sunday Brunch as well as Emma Hardy [managing director], creative resources, and Shine On. 

The Sunday Brunch team are incredible. They were quick to assign me to a computer in their desk area, all introducing themselves and their role within Sunday Brunch. Melony Smith, the executive producer of the show got me started straightaway with the researchers. I was given a copy of the latest episode to watch in order to familiarise myself with the show, how it is structured, the cooking and food items as well as seeing Tim and Simon interview their guests. After watching the show, I helped the Hassan and Megan with research on the guests for the upcoming episode. At the beginning of the week, the whole Sunday Brunch team have a meeting in order to discuss the celebrity guests, cooking sections, food items, call outs, and possible script content. It was so impressive to see how hands on the team were in coming up with fresh ideas shaping the episode so quickly. 

As soon as we returned, I made a dent in the research work. A profile of each guest has to be made for the database and also to serve as a basis for the upcoming episode and script. The profile includes a headshot image, brief summary on age and credits, important notices from their press release and what they are promoting. The profile also includes a brief history as well as facts and trivia that could possibly make interesting tv content. For Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning I wrote the profile on Ryan Tedder. 

I carried out more research work on Tuesday by finding interesting facts and information about the guests and the 2 Tone era in the 80s in order to gain some good content ideas for Suggs’ [from Madness] interview. I also had a go at helping Michael in coming up with a possible food item for future episode, I suggested Kristina Carillo-Bucaram, a raw foodist with a new book out. Unfortunately they had a raw chef on a year prior and so my idea wasn’t as original as I had thought! 

On Wednesday I met Duncan and Hawar. Duncan arranges a lot of the text for the show, as well as managing some of the licensing and legalities behind using owned video and photography for the show. He got me to write the Playlist facts. Sunday Brunch have a selection of singles that are booked through another team member called Nina. This week’s music included new singles from Michael Buble, Jerry Williams and Fickle Friends. They play the songs before and after each break, with a little trivia fact relating to the song or band each week, I was happy to have made it onto the show in this way! 

Hawar runs some of the research, social media and callouts. I helped him with these jobs by tweeting from the Sunday Brunch account about current trends in order to gain traffic on the account. I also got to help select some of the callout photos that featured on the show, the theme for the week being best and worst halloween costumes. The photos had to be selected with a funny line of content that would be read out on the show. 

On show day [the sunday] a car picked me up at 7:45am took me to the studios. When in the building, the show was being set up by the studio team and the guests were arriving. When they arrived I shadowed the researchers to brief the guests, going through some of the upcoming content and interview questions as well as verifying permission to use certain material and still images. During the show I was in the gallery cutting and editing footage from the live show that was especially funny so it could be used for social media and getting traffic from various fanbases. 

All in all, the experience of working alongside such bright and interesting creatives was the biggest blessing. I cannot thank Princess and Tuskar enough for inviting me to do this work.