Loose Women Placement

Just on my way home after a long day! Today I have done a number of tasks including watching This morning in the studio so I could see what went on during breaks and how the studio worked! Had the pleasure of meeting Dominic Cooper and Gino today as well as Holly and Phillip! I then went to the office and looked through news papers and magazines for possible items on the show. After I was taken to the editing rooms to watch and help them chop everything up and put it back together with fancy effects! I stayed there for several hours and loved it! A number of the runners have told me to talk to the fashion department and sound for more internships so good first day I would say! Thank you for all of your support. 

So my last day has been pretty cool! Another viewing in the gallery this morning which was followed by photos with Katie price! I then did to running and helped get some cameras and so on. This afternoon it was one of the producers baby shower so we all ate lots and it also gave me an opportunity to talk to more people! Exciting news I have been asked to come back as their fashion intern which is so brilliant I'm really looking forward to it!