Work Experience Placement - The X Factor


3 days to go! 

Test run day - Arriving on time on Monday was important, so I took it upon myself to go to the Fremantel building to see how long it would take and where it was. Not only did I make it there in one piece, I said a quick hello to the receptionist. They begun chatting to me about where I came from and I asked them some questions and then they said, “See you on Monday!” 

This is really happening! It's becoming too real!


Today is the day! 

I was greeted with love from the team, all of them were so lovely which made me feel like part of the team. Doing the office work of a production runner wasn’t what I expected but it was thoroughly entertaining. 


The office and the building interior set up was amazing. I never knew how many people were behind each ITV show. The building was full of many inspiring, cheerful and caring workers and I tried talking to as many people as possible (even in the lifts). Being a production runner for this placement has made me more determined to get into this industry.

03.08.16 - 04.08.16

Being in the office throughout my work experience was great, as I got to know the other runners very well. Finding out that one of them went to the same university that I will be going to (hopefully) and studying the same course as me made me think that getting a job like this in the future is possible! 


The last day! It was really sad to leave because I was having a great time. The team hired me a private chauffeur Mercedes to Stratford station. I am so grateful that they arranged this for me. So thank you! When I said my goodbyes they said I could return anytime so I may drop them an email next week! So I may be able to do more work experience at the live shows! 

By participating in this work experience I have started to build connections already! Ihave gathered email addresses and I have added the runners on Facebook to keep up with all the goings on to stay in contact. 

I would like to say a massive thank you to Jim, the Tuskar Trust and the whole of The X Factor team.