Looking for jobs as production runner

For any of you that might be interested in looking for a permanent position as a runner in television I have found that the most useful place to look is on twitter. Follow @theunitlist who post regular job alerts for vacancies in television. These are often higher level roles that require a lot of previous experience, however there are quite a few job alerts for runners as well. Out of all the pages on twitter that I have found, this is the one I have found most useful so far.

I also recently discovered this site (http://www.a-p-a.net/index.php/vacancies/) the Advertising Producers Association that posts vacancies commercial production companies may have. Although perhaps not as exciting as some of the work experience placements we have had/going to, they frequently add many entry level jobs that some of you might be interested in having a look at.



Tuesday, and I have finally recovered from the lack of sleep over the past two weeks, but what an amazing two weeks they have been.

Saturday morning I got the train to Weston-Super-Mare, and was greeted at site with an access all areas pass (ah!). It was rehearsal day, so after having a nosey round the site, I got down to some preparations for the big day. I was with the production team, and with all the sweeties in our porter cabin we had people back ad fourth all day, including all of the directors, presenters and few celebs with the talent management in with us (Alexandra Burke is sooo nice). I was on my feet all day, delivering updated running orders back and fourth, preparing props, keeping the teams around the site fueled with coffee, getting the presenters, and secretly putting up birthday decorations everywhere and leaving partybags to celebrate T4OTB’s 10th Birthday. All those props I brought during the past two weeks were there up on stage being used, and even spotted all of those lanyards around the crews neck that I had made in my first week.

It was great to see all the team again who had gone off earlier in the week to prepare for the event, and seeing all the preparation that had been done paying off. I got to meet so many new people, and again everyone was so friendly. The director from the talent garden randomly came up to me and said he had seen me on the train and ended up catching the train back with him at the end of the weekend.

Sunday, show day, in for 6:00 am (be prepared for tv times, this was hard after finishing work at 12 the previous night), but there was such a buzz and so much to do there was no time to be tired. I was so pleased that I made the decision to lug my wellies on the train as there was so much rain in the morning and giant puddles everywhere.

I was surprised at how much responsibility I was given, and was left in charge of getting props to the talent garden for the right time, – the pressure was on as they were all live links. Props included the lovely selections of drinks (blended fishpie, roast dinner and curry), a giant ice-cream, buckets of ice and water and sponges etc. I was frequently backstage getting bit and pieces and so got to listen to some of the live music, and allowed in the VIP bar area. At the end of the evening I was in charge of getting the main creative director Hamish Hamilton to his car, and other celebs including June Sarpong (who devoured the two cooked breakfast I got for her in the morning in minutes).

The day was such a huge success. I have enjoyed every second of the past two weeks, and have had an amazing experience and met some great people who I hope to keep in contact with. I cannot thank Jim and Dave enough for organizing this experience for me. Best of luck to all of you who are on placements organized by the Tuskar Trust this summer!

Can’t wait for T4OTB.

This past week has been manic. The tv team set off for site yesterday so everything needed to be done before then. Usually they have two people doing work experience at any one time, this week it has just been me,  in the craziest  of weeks.

I can definitely say that these two weeks working in London has improved my map skills and general knowledge of London outside of Oxford Street and Covent Garden. I have been everywhere. Markets on the hunt for giant birthday cards, from one line of the central line to the other to pick up and drop off a secret item for the olympics, Paddington, Arsenal, Islington, Greenford?! I have got a little lost on the way, but managed (somehow ). Prop searching reached another level when I was sent out to hunt for some red fluffy handcuffs. Ringing around shops before hand, the rest of the Done and Dusted family had a great laugh at me asking if they had this item in stock. If anyone has listened to The Scott Mills Show on radio 1 before, it felt a little bit like one of their embarrassing features, and I was Becky!  I have also been involved in the making of the props, watch out for the ‘dong’ on sunday – that is all I will say.

Every lunchtime I have covered for our receptionist, while he goes out for lunch. Although this doesn’t sound the most exciting, it has provided me with the experience needed if I ever was to be employed as a production receptionist. Looking out for jobs for after I have finished this, I feel more confident that I could secure a job with a similar role.

More of the exciting news. The train and hotel are booked and tomorrow at 7 am, I am off to Weston-Super-Mare (ah). Rehearsals all day Saturday and look out of C4 for the actual event. I will be one f the runners for the weekend based with the television crew. Preparing myself for a couple of long and exciting days ahead. Wellies and mac are packed as I’m preparing for rain.

Wish me luck, x

The X Factor experience!

So, I spent 4 days working at X Factor bootcamp… let’s just say it was more than hectic. It was most possibly the most insanely tiring, exciting, incredible week of my life. Unbelievably long hours, my first day and I was up and out of the hotel at 4.30am, but the morning was slow whilst we set up and waited for the contestants to wake up. It was an incredible hotel so I tagged along with some of the other day runners and we had a look around. I was sent on a 3 hour road trip through central London, all to deliver some tapes… seemed like a pretty easy job. But that was probably the only moment of rest I had all week. From the moment I returned it was a whirlwind. Around 5ish we relocated, I was beginning to think it would be a pretty slow week, but I hadn’t seen anything!

From monday evening we had barely a moment of rest! It was incredible to see how much work goes into setting up the show and airing a tv programme like this! I did everything from escorting contestants around the arena to fetching drinks for the production team and crew. It was fantastic to see the performances given and the ambition these contestants held, even those as young as 16! It really made me think about how hard people work to get their dreams.

The week flew by and I’m sad to say it’s over! I really do miss it and everyone I met there! For the first year ever I have been watching X Factor and I have been loving every minute of it. It makes me so proud to say I’ve met all these people and to see what they have achieved, I can’t wait to see who wins and be able to say I’ve met them!! I really am hoping that I made a good impression and that I’ll get the opportunity to work with Talk Back TV and the X Factor crew again!!!

Work Experience.. V Fest

I honestly can’t begin to describe how excited I am! I’m going to be doing my work experience at V festival. Such an amazing opportunity! I literally could not stop smiling as Jim and David told me the news. I guess I could be seen as over excited… but isn’t that a good thing? It shows that I’m more than ready to get up and go do it. I just have to wait until the 8th of August, which will be two days after I get back from holiday.

My thoughts right now? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 

14th May BB Radio 2 Day

Well where do I begin?!? The 14th May was an absolutely amazing day and has definitely helped me decide which career path to follow.

Krista and I arrived at the BBC 2 Radio studio feeling slightly nervous, and sat in the reception waiting to meet Ben, the producer of the Dermot O’Leary show. Once he had introduced himself, we followed him upstairs which is where the BBC Radio 2′s recording studios are and he went through with us which programme are recorded in each studio. The Dermot O’Leary studio was like the others, split into two sections. Dermot sat in one, where the show was aired and we sat in the other with Ben, Simon the assistant producer and Phil, who controlled the sound, music and jingles etc.  We were given a running order of the show which we learnt was pretty flexible depending on what comes up during the show. It was explained to us that the planning of each week’s show was quite difficult, due to Dermot’s busy schedule, so phone calls between the producer and Dermot are normally how the show is planned! So understandably, Dermot might want to play a song he hadn’t thought of during the week.

We read through the schedule as well as an information sheet on the live band that were practicing in the other half of the studio – O land. We then had the privilege to watch them rehearse for a while and I think I can speak for myself and Krista that we will both be buying their album when it’s released! They are awesome!

Dermot then arrived and greeted us both. He was so welcoming and friendly. He asked us about each of our work experience and what we are doing now. He showed great enthusiasm when listening to us, especially when telling him how valuable we both found our work experience and how much it had helped us both.

The team did their last bits of preparation and the show begun. When there was a song or feature playing, Dermot would come out of his booth and ask if we were enjoying ourselves and if we were all ok, as well as keeping the banter up… especially where schools were concerned!!

I really enjoyed chatting to him and listening to all of his advice he had to give. It was really fun talking about Colchester etc and having local things in common with him. It was just nice to get his different perspectives on things and learning about how he started out etc.

It wasgreat to have the opportunity to say thank you in person.  I really wanted to make sure that we conveyed that what he is doing with the trust is really worthwhile.

There was a lot going on throughout the show and towards the end, it was really fun to see a quick interview with Alan Carr and Melanie Sykes before their show was due to start.

After the show, Dermot took us into the studio and showed us how everything worked in there which was really interesting. We chatted for a while longer and then it was sadly time to go.

Observing the show made me realise that Radio is definitely something I want to have a career in and I feel that the day was the little push I needed to start pursuing that. We were given loads of advice from the team and Dermot and it was just so useful to watch the running of it all as well.

I had such a fantastic day and can’t thank you enough for organising it all. What a great opportunity!! Thank you, Becki.

14th May BBC Radio 2 Day

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for such a brilliant opportunity!

As Becki and I entered the BBC 2 Radio studio, we were given our own security pass and were immediately greeted by the controller of Dermot O’leary’s show. He then showed around the whole studio and explained each different recording studio was used for a particular program. For the majority of the time we were sat with the controller in his booth whilst the live show was aired. Before Dermot came in, each of the controls were explained to us. We were then given a running order sheet of the show and then general programme schedule was explained. I learnt that despite from having a plan, the team are given flexibility in how they run the show, for example if they suddenly wanted to play a certain song they could do it. The sound library of all the songs available to play was then also explained to us and the computer software used to create the running play order of the show. Dermot then came in, he was really friendly and showed a real interest and excitement when Becki and I told him how well our work experience went and how much they’ve helped us in employment as well as getting a real feel for the media environment we both want to work within.  O land were this weeks live band, and we were given the fantastic opportunity to watch them live on the show as well as meeting them and the privilege of seeing them practice. Throughout the live show Dermot regularly came out and talked to us, asking  how we were doing as well as feeding us with yummy chocolate biscuits and chips! It was really nice in meeting him and being able to thank him personally for his help through the trust. Towards the end of the show, we also saw a live interview with Jimmi Carr! It was so surreal seeing all the celebs in real life!

The most useful gain of the experience was learning how the general running of the show went and the different roles people had. I spend the majority talking to the radio controller. This was really useful as he explained how he got into radio and  gave me really good advice of how to get into the field. After the live show Dermot took us into the live booth and he explained all the controls, which at first looked extremely complicated!

This was such a good experience, and it’s given me such insight into another medium which I am extremely interested in pursuing as a career. It was a fantastic opportunity, thank you! Krista 

What a Great Set of Comments...

Well I am really pleased that all three of you have had such a great time.  your blogs have been such a great read and have really shown what a wonderful opportunity Tuskar Wp’s have been for you all.

Take care enjoy the rest of your summer break and pop into college before you go off to Uni, we need to sort the moblie phone returns and your financial packages.

Fantatsic, well done and thanks for sharing such exciting times with us.




Hi all,

 reading your posts has been a real privilege and i am so delighted that you all have got somuch out of the experiences you have had.  A real diversity in tasks and events and you have clearly thrown yourselves into it!!! I look forward to meeting with you in early September to catch up!!  Dave is stiklkl away at present but I know he will be really chuffed at what you have all achieved.


Sunday - Last Day :( :(

 :(:( IM SO SAD THAT TODAY IS THE LAST DAY – IM HAVING SUCH FUN! Today, I went into the main arena area with Will an editor at Blink. He was filming some footage of the “punters”, it was also a chance for me to give some creative input – as before then I had mainly been helping out with little tasks – table making, labelling tea running etc. . I thought of two cool shots we could use – and Will thought they were really cool. Will also said that he would help me out finding some more work exp – which is really good  :) I also went over to stage two to give them a track list of what Kasabian were playing, which is where I got the chance to watch plan B from the side – which was soooo cool! I also got given a headset – which made me feel important haha! despite not actually being spoken to though it – it was really cool listening to everyone on it – i got a real feel for how its like to work at the festival and backstage – I also got to hear celebrities requests (someone is a big fan of a double wisky…!) The last night was the best night – everyone was really relax and pleased that the weekend went so well – with no big complications. When all the work had been done the blink team and I danced at the side to Faithless – it was raining – but it added to the festival atmosphere. i feel SO lucky to have been given this experience, THANK YOU SO MUCH. After the last band, we got on the coach once again to Writtle. That evening was so much fun -everyone was in the bar and enjoying themselves. The younger blink members who I made friends with said they were really impressed with me – and that it was a shame that I was going. They really appreciated my help. These two weeks have been brilliant, I really feel that I genuinely was a part in helping organise the festival, and not just “someone on the side”. There were times there I was stuck for things to do, but this gave me a chance to take in the atmosphere and watch what others were doing – which may seem dull – but really helped me in deciding my future career. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE TWO WEEKS, i’m so happy and can’t believe I was given this wonderful opportunity! I have more photos, and even videos on my camera which will be uploaded soon!! Krista!!!!!  :):):):)