The X Factor experience!

So, I spent 4 days working at X Factor bootcamp… let’s just say it was more than hectic. It was most possibly the most insanely tiring, exciting, incredible week of my life. Unbelievably long hours, my first day and I was up and out of the hotel at 4.30am, but the morning was slow whilst we set up and waited for the contestants to wake up. It was an incredible hotel so I tagged along with some of the other day runners and we had a look around. I was sent on a 3 hour road trip through central London, all to deliver some tapes… seemed like a pretty easy job. But that was probably the only moment of rest I had all week. From the moment I returned it was a whirlwind. Around 5ish we relocated, I was beginning to think it would be a pretty slow week, but I hadn’t seen anything!

From monday evening we had barely a moment of rest! It was incredible to see how much work goes into setting up the show and airing a tv programme like this! I did everything from escorting contestants around the arena to fetching drinks for the production team and crew. It was fantastic to see the performances given and the ambition these contestants held, even those as young as 16! It really made me think about how hard people work to get their dreams.

The week flew by and I’m sad to say it’s over! I really do miss it and everyone I met there! For the first year ever I have been watching X Factor and I have been loving every minute of it. It makes me so proud to say I’ve met all these people and to see what they have achieved, I can’t wait to see who wins and be able to say I’ve met them!! I really am hoping that I made a good impression and that I’ll get the opportunity to work with Talk Back TV and the X Factor crew again!!!