Done + Dusted

Apologies for my lack of blog submissions, I have been very busy!

After V Festival with Blink Tv, I spent 3 days with Hungry Bear productions seeing the studio side of TV. In the 3 days not only helped out with studio needs but also got to see the contestant side to things too.

After this, a contact I made at Blink Tv offered me a running job for a Stand Up to Cancer show with The Who, which was so exciting!! The day was great and there was plenty to do and help out with, as well as the show at the end of the night!

Finally, I am now in my second week of my Done + Dusted placement which has been spent partly at the office on Oxford Street and partly on site at the Jonnie Walker – Symphony In Blue production. The build up to this has been full on and it’s clear that a lot of work had gone in to the shows. Although I had an idea of what the production included, after getting the opportunity to see it all for myself through the eyes of a guest I can truthfully say it was amazing!

I now only have 2 days remaining at Done + Dusted and will be sad to leave but now have the taste for it and will be trying my best to work my way into the industry one way or another! Plus, I’ve done quite a bit of site seeing on my travels!

Day 2 of V, Day 1 of V Festival!

Today the artists kicked off the weekend with performances from about 12 onwards! It’s been great buggying around the site and seeing everyone doing their different jobs and seeing how the whole festival comes together! I got the chance to log some interviews and sit in on them which was so exciting to see! Tomorrow has me excited too but for now I will get back to the festival, readying myself for Justin Timberlake and will enjoy the rest of Ed Sheeran!

I don’t even know if that made sense but that’s not too much of a concern right now!

Week 1 is almost over!

So it’s already Thursday (nearly Friday), this week has gone so fast!

I’m loving the atmosphere of the Blink office and can’t believe there’s only one week left! I’m still helping with artist information for v festival folders and other bits and bobs, and although I’m not producing a new drama for Channel 4, I am having such a good time and getting on well with everyone in the office!

Oh, and finally my Thai of the day was a red curry… It’s becoming a real problem.

Second day at Blink TV

Today was my second day at the Blink Tv office in Soho and I’m pretty certain I know my way to and from the train now without getting lost; Oh and more importantly to and from the Thai take-away!

Everyone in the office is very nice and have a lot of interesting tales of past shows and festivals to tell, which to me still sounds like a dream land and grasps my attention every time. Next week has got me feeling excited as it will be the final lead up to V-Festival, as well as the festival itself, what a great summer this has turned out to be!

Updates will follow throughout the week,

Over and out!