Half way and have already learned a great deal

I have now passed the half way point for my 5 day work placement with North One TV in London!

I have been helping the department responsible for gathering footage and congesting it, so it is safely stored and prepped for editing. I have been assisting by sorting through mountains of archive footage, labeling them and scanning them into the colossus company database. As boring as this may sound to you (and despite the department having an extraordinarily quiet day on my first day), my experience has been fascinating so far!

I have seen and learned alot. I have watched the magic happen in the editing suite, where people have been working on a documentary on Morecambe and Wise, where I have had the distinct pleasure of watching a cast of high caliber TV stars try to sing ‘Bring me Sunshine’ during interviews, as well as getting valuable insight into a day in the life of a TV editor. I have shadowed a meeting with the Post-Productions and the Operations Manager and two merchants, where they discussed how to improve the gear in the department without the transfer of hardware/software being to expensive and time-consuming. I did not understand the specifics of this meeting and could not offer valuable input at all (lucky that was not expected). However, I recommend attending such meetings because it is through this that you might realize and appreciate the skills that are invaluable in the industry, such as the ability to think on your feet, have a broad approach and analysis of issues and the ability to develop creative and efficient solutions to issues. Relevant issues that require attention also do not occur during filming or a just a specific aspect of a project but also within the office.

Overall, I have found it hugely interesting to talk to people and ask them about their jobs, so I can learn about many different departments and their importance. I have discovered first hand that the industry is exciting and superbly structured. A TV company is like a web made of many different types of employee and who all have equally important jobs and MUST work together to keep projects running smoothly. I have witnessed first-hand how an attempt to do someone else’s job or by refusing to collaborate by standards can critically hinder the development of a project, however, because of the structure and the employee’s skill to quickly resolve issues, a cock-up is not the death of a project.

I will be spending my last days of the placement in the development department where producers collaborate to come up with new ideas for programmes! All sounds very exciting and I can’t wait 

March 2012 – Earning a placement with Tuskar Trust

Almost two weeks ago, I was informed that I had been successful in receiving a placement with the Tuskar trust programme. I had to compete against many enthusiastic and determined individuals to earn this. It was a brutal competition, I wish all unsuccessful applicants all the best for the future, and I am very proud to have been successful. I am now looking forward to hearing about where I will be working and what work I will do.

I am hoping to pursue a career in Film and TV Production, so work experience like this is incredibly valuable to me. Earning this placement is making me feel as though I have already taken a step towards achieving one of my biggest aspirations.

I’d like to thank both David Watts and Jim Morrissey  again for offering me the opportunity. I hope that I will do them and myself proud.

- Jack :)