7 months later…!

Just thought I’d leave another update on here, to show how much the Tuskar Trust helped me to break into the TV industry! 7 months after my placement at North One Television, and almost a year since the application process began- I can finally say that ‘I work in Television!’ I’ve been working at North One Television as an Office and Production runner for six months now, and the experience has been great!

Whilst in the office I’ve been working closely with the Post Production team- who ingest the footage onto the system(or rushes as they are called) once it has been shot and assist the editors throughout the editing process- ingesting extra material, playing out versions of the edit etc. I’ve been lucky enough to begin to learn the editing system that is used professionally- Avid, and I’m also being trained on a variety of post production tasks.

I haven’t spent all my time in the office though. I’ve been a Production Runner on many shoot days for various productions- including Stephen Fry Gadget Man on Channel 4, The Gadget Show Live at the Excel Centre and The Gadget Show itself on Channel 5. I also ‘logged’ 2 episodes of a new discovery channel documentary called Driven to Extremes. I had my first on screen credit at the end of last year for Gagdet Man, which was amazing, and really made all the hard work worth it!

Thanks again to Jim and David and the Tuskar Trust, because if it hadn’t been for my weeks placement at North One back in August, then I doubt I would be where I am today. The hardest part is getting your foot in the door- which a placement organised by Tuskar Trust will allow you to do. I’ve learnt that if you can prove yourself and work hard, then you’re bound to succeed in the industry! The days can be long and tiring- especially the shoot days- but it’s certainly all worth it when your name is scrolling up the TV screen!

PS. Two programmes that I was part of are airing in the next couple of weeks. Driven to Extremes starts on Discovery Channel at 9pm this Sunday (with my two episodes following the next two weeks) and there is a Gadget Show special on the 25th March at 7pm on Channel 5. Give them a watch if you’re interested! You might possibly see my name!!

3 months later…!

Thought I’d just update everyone on what I’m up to! After a very successful weeks work experience at North One Television 3 months ago…. I’m still there!

I’ve been taken on as an office and production runner and I’ve been having the best time! My main job is basic office duties, but I’ve also been lucky enough to work on 3 productions during my time there. I have logged for a Discovery Channel documentary, ran for a new Stephen Fry factual entertainment show for Channel Four and ran for a pilot show for North One Australia.

I’ve been really enjoying myself- and it’s all come from my original weeks work experience! The amount of experience I have gained already has been amazing! So thanks so much again to Jim, Dave and the Tuskar Trust and all the trustees. Hopefully I’ll have more to blog about in a few months!

Last day at North One TV

The final day was spent in the edit suite. I watched as the editors began to edit the footage together, firstly by choosing the best shots, placing them in order using the script and then creating transitions between them. I helped to give advice and feedback to them as to what clips looked best etc. I found it extremely interesting to watch them work and see the jumbled up clips come together as one episode.

As the day came to an end I said my goodbyes and thanked everyone that I had worked with. I am going back on Thursday to see the final edits and catch up with everyone that I have met. They have all been so friendly, and I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the past two weeks. I am hoping that this placement will have really helped me get started in my Television Production career. Thank you so much to Jim, David and the Tuskar Trust for such an invaluable and brilliant experience!

Shoot Day!

The shoot day was extremely interesting. I performed the role of the data wrangler/logger. I had to liase with the camera man and note down the minutes that each scene was filmed at. This will help in the edit of the production, so that each clip can be found easily. It was a very long day as 4 episodes were filmed, but I found it extremely interesting to see the set up of the equipment- the camera, the lights etc.

On Thursday I arrived an hour later due to the late night the day before. Today the props were collected so we had to empty the studio. I also helped to write a schedule for a new production. Then after lunch the edit begun. I sat in the edit suite and watched/assisted with the beginning edit of the episodes using Final Cut Pro. Final day tomorrow- I’ve had such a great time!

Second Week

The second week began by placing the final few props in the studio and making sure that it looked as good as it could. We bought plants and posters from the neighboring shops and also used the props cupboard at North One to kit out the location. In the afternoon we had a script meeting to review the scripts and create a shoot plan. Part of the episodes are being shot tomorrow and the majority are being shot on Wednesday. It all sounds very exciting- and I’m sure I’m going to gain a lot of experience- so I can’t wait!

Day 2 of the second week was a lot busier than any other day! I spent the morning buying the last few props for the production. Then at about 12:30, I was asked to travel to Argos in victoria to pick up some reserved items. A production team was leaving to shoot a documentary in China at 2pm and needed last minute items from Argos! I then helped to load the car and pack up the equipment so that the team could get to the airport.

After lunch I began helping to create a ‘guy’ for the Starcount shoot. Whilst doing this I received a call from the China production team. They had forgotten some paperwork and therefore I had to travel to Heathrow terminal 3 and hand it over! Tomorrow is the shoot day so I am really looking forward to it.

Day 4 and 5 at North One

Day 4 was spent arranging the studio for the shoot over the next few days. The props were delivered late morning, and so we arranged the set. We also painted one wall bright red, in order the give the set some colour, and another with the Hollywood sign.

Instead of beginning the shoot on Friday, the decided to just do some test shots within the studio and have a run through of the scripts with the executive producer. We collected the camera equipment in the morning, and adjusted the set in order to maximise the lighting. The test shots enabled us to see how the studio looked on camera (lighting, colour and arrangement wise) and also check that the mics worked etc. After a quick lunch they ran through the scripts with the executive producer so that they could edit them on Monday before shooting on Tuesday.

Luckily for me, they have asked me to stay for next week to help out on the production. Monday will be the last day of preparation and then Tuesday and Wednesday will be the shoot days. The editing will then begin on Friday. I hope that by the end of the 2 weeks I will have gained a very broad range of experience, in all areas of production! I will post again next week.

Day 2 and 3 at North One

I arrived an hour early on day 2 to help clear an old office that was going to be used for a shoot. Two young producers have been asked to shoot a short episode for a new social media website ‘StarCount’. They have been planning it for a few weeks and now a production manager has joined them to oversea everything and manage the budget. They begin shooting on Friday and continue next week. The day was spent with all 4 of us clearing the office so that the props can be delivered on Thursday morning.

Day 3 was mostly spent sorting out props and various items for the shoot. Firstly, we sorted out the camera equipment and editing suites that were needed. The shoot is taking place on Friday, with the majority on Wednesday. The props were arranged to be delivered tomorrow, and the camera man was booked for Wednesday. The production manager of the StarCount project then asked me to create some spreadsheets for the budget. After lunch we bought some paint and equipment so that we could begin painting the shoot location tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a case of setting up the studio and then the shoot begins on Friday. Will blog again then!

North One Productions Day 1

As I arrived at North One Productions, it struck me how ‘normal’ the  building looked. The office is a small, terraced building that looks more like someone’s house than a busy television company. The inside, however, is quite the opposite. During my tour of the office it hit me how busy and buzzing it was, despite it only being 9:30 in the morning, and there being very few people there.

I was taken down to the facilities department, where I was told I would be working for the first few days. From here, the post production is co-ordinated and the media library is stored. Once the many computers had been warmed up, I was shown my task for the day. This involved creating labels for taped footage in the media library, that had been used in ‘Steven Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets’ and ‘Only In A Sitcom’. I had to remove shelf after shelf of tapes, create their appropriate labels and then place them back in the library. This took the whole day.

When 5 came, I checked nothing else needed doing and then began my commute back to Colchester. I’m in at 9 tomorrow to help move some equipment needed for a shoot in a few weeks so will write again in a few days!