Day 5 – Big Brother

Day Five

On my fifth and final day I was working with digital. They run the facebook and twitter pages and report on whats happening in the house. I sat with them and watched the live streams, luckily when I was there the housemates were taking part in a task so there was lots of things to take note of.

I was asked to take note on the interesting things that happened in the task, interesting conversations and if one housemates makes a comment on another housemate. 

While I was there I saw one housemate comment on if another housemate was gay or not.  Two of the more manly men in the house talking about Twilight one stating he was very excited for the next film. And a certain “dumb blonde” saying that she thought Moses was Jesus’s cousin.

I told my findings to the other members of the digital crew and they posted it on twitter to keep the followers up to date.

After a long day of work, I packed up my stuff making my way round each team I had worked with that week and saying my goodbyes to all the lovely people I had worked with. I left 4 packets of biscuits in the kitchen cabin though I do not know if they were eaten as a lot of the people I had come across were on diets.

My week of working on a TV show was over and I have learnt some much and had loads offun working in the different departments.

This is definitely something that I would love to do again if I got the chance. Thanks very much to Jim, Dave and The Tuskar Trust for giving me this opportunity!!!

Katie x

Day four – Big Brother

Day four

Today I would be working with the live cabin. They work on getting the shows ready for the evictions, opening shows and the final. When I was there they were working on getting things ready for the final and the start of celeb big brother.

When I first got there, I looked through the papers, looking for anything that mentioned big brother and cutting it out to get photocopied if I did. These go into the press clippings that get sent round the site.

Next I helped typed out some addresses of the nearest roads to the big brother house. I then stuffed envelopes with a letter explaining there was going a firework show for the final. 

After they were all stuffed i headed out on my own armed with a bunch of letters and a map,  to deliver the letters to the designated houses.

After I came back, I  waited for the other runners to finish odd jobs before we went to pick up laundry for the presenters. We then headed to tesco to get sweets and crips and drinks to keep the camera crew happy while sitting in the camera runs all day.

Big brother day three

Day three – Task

Today was the halfway point and I had already learnt loads and had so much fun. I arrived at the normal time of 9 and grabbed myself a cup of tea before being told I was working with the task team today. I was so excited as the other runners said working with task was great and that I would have loads of fun.

I met up with the two runners that I would be working with and we first had to clear out some rooms in the camera runs to make way for the stuff going into the house for celeb BB.

As the housemates had the food task to do on the day that I was there. We were given the list of food they had asked for and their budget and headed off to the local Morrison’s. We gathered all their food and I had to black out all of the prices on the items so as the housemates didn’t know. After this we placed it in the stock room for the housemates to find. When putting the bacon away, I discovered their stash of chocolate. There was probably about 100 bars of chocolate in their fridge. Can you say chocoholics?

After this I was told to debrandthe bottles of fizzy drink and the cigarettes so as not to advertise smoking to the viewers.

After this we did odd jobs around the task cabin before being asked to help clear out the living room for the task while the housemates were on lock down in the bedroom. This meant that I would actually be going into the house, and it was extremely weird. Seeing the house on TV and actually being in the house was strange to say the least.

6oclock and my day in the task cabin was over and I headed home, almost drifting off in the back of my cab

Big brother day two

Day two morning - Reality cabin

The reality cabin holds the IT technicians and the people responsible for allowing visitors access to the sits. It also houses the runners who will make copies of everything needed for the various staff around the site, e.g. press clippings and meal vouchers

So I was working with the main runner and the first job we did was emptying out all the bins around the site. After this we collected the post and sorted it out before dropping it off at the correct departments.

I helped him out with making meal vouchers for lunch and dinner until 7th September so that they wouldn’t have to make them up each day.
After this we did the story shop, getting lunches for the various people in the editing suites who don’t have time to get it themselves.

Day two afternoon – the gallery

After my own lunch i was told to report to the gallery. This is where all the directors work and where all the camera streams go to. The loggers help to keep track of whats going on in the house at every point in the day so that a recollection of events can be created for the next day.

I sat and watched the streams, watching the loggers work continuously. As there was a task going on at this point I also got to see the voice of god at work. This was very strange as i wasn’t paying attention to who he was when i was listening, then as i was listening it dawned on me that his lips were moving at the same time.

Late afternoon I went into the camera runs with a runner to ensure that the housemates didn’t run off when they were moved from task room to task room.

Big brother! Day one

Uploading a bit late as I wasn’t able to get Internet while on my placement.

Monday 6th – day one
I woke up surprisingly early at around 5:45, i think i was a little excited about my first day. Got a cab from my grandmas where i was staying for the week to the studios and was reading through my information on where to go in the back of a tinted windowed car. I felt very buisnessy.

I arrived and was directed to the reality cabin where i was given a pass and was told that i would be working with BOTS. It took a while but she finally explained that BOTS was the shortened name for Bit On The Side. Before i went down to their office I was given a tour of the studio and got to go into the camera runs. That was very strange seeing the housemates up close and realising that they couldn’t see me, i had to fight the urge to pull some very strange faces at them.
After that i was taken to the BOTS office and i met the two main runners i would be working with. I sorted out some press clippings and organised them into folders of who the article was about before going on the audience shop. We went to the local Tesco and stocked up on coke, wine, beer, crisps and sweets to help keep the audience happy and lively for the live show that night. After that I helped the runners clean the dressing room of the presenters and saw that one was a very mucky pup but i wont name names ;) before getting lunch for the producers of the show.  6pm was clocking out time and i got my cab home collapsing into my bed at half 9 falling asleep almost instantly.

April 2012- Placement

Over the past month or so, I have been working incredibly hard in order to gain a placement with the Tuskar Trust.

The competition was so much fun, it really put me to the test and made me think outside the box.  Throughout all the tasks I kepttelling myself that if I didn’t get through I could at least say that I tried. Though I still stand by that I am elated that I did get through, and am very much looking forward to what is to come and finding out where I will be working.

Thank you very much to Jim Morrissey and David Watts for granting me this opportunity. 

Katie x