14th May BBC Radio 2 Day

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for such a brilliant opportunity!

As Becki and I entered the BBC 2 Radio studio, we were given our own security pass and were immediately greeted by the controller of Dermot O’leary’s show. He then showed around the whole studio and explained each different recording studio was used for a particular program. For the majority of the time we were sat with the controller in his booth whilst the live show was aired. Before Dermot came in, each of the controls were explained to us. We were then given a running order sheet of the show and then general programme schedule was explained. I learnt that despite from having a plan, the team are given flexibility in how they run the show, for example if they suddenly wanted to play a certain song they could do it. The sound library of all the songs available to play was then also explained to us and the computer software used to create the running play order of the show. Dermot then came in, he was really friendly and showed a real interest and excitement when Becki and I told him how well our work experience went and how much they’ve helped us in employment as well as getting a real feel for the media environment we both want to work within.  O land were this weeks live band, and we were given the fantastic opportunity to watch them live on the show as well as meeting them and the privilege of seeing them practice. Throughout the live show Dermot regularly came out and talked to us, asking  how we were doing as well as feeding us with yummy chocolate biscuits and chips! It was really nice in meeting him and being able to thank him personally for his help through the trust. Towards the end of the show, we also saw a live interview with Jimmi Carr! It was so surreal seeing all the celebs in real life!

The most useful gain of the experience was learning how the general running of the show went and the different roles people had. I spend the majority talking to the radio controller. This was really useful as he explained how he got into radio and  gave me really good advice of how to get into the field. After the live show Dermot took us into the live booth and he explained all the controls, which at first looked extremely complicated!

This was such a good experience, and it’s given me such insight into another medium which I am extremely interested in pursuing as a career. It was a fantastic opportunity, thank you! Krista 

Sunday - Last Day :( :(

 :(:( IM SO SAD THAT TODAY IS THE LAST DAY – IM HAVING SUCH FUN! Today, I went into the main arena area with Will an editor at Blink. He was filming some footage of the “punters”, it was also a chance for me to give some creative input – as before then I had mainly been helping out with little tasks – table making, labelling tea running etc. . I thought of two cool shots we could use – and Will thought they were really cool. Will also said that he would help me out finding some more work exp – which is really good  :) I also went over to stage two to give them a track list of what Kasabian were playing, which is where I got the chance to watch plan B from the side – which was soooo cool! I also got given a headset – which made me feel important haha! despite not actually being spoken to though it – it was really cool listening to everyone on it – i got a real feel for how its like to work at the festival and backstage – I also got to hear celebrities requests (someone is a big fan of a double wisky…!) The last night was the best night – everyone was really relax and pleased that the weekend went so well – with no big complications. When all the work had been done the blink team and I danced at the side to Faithless – it was raining – but it added to the festival atmosphere. i feel SO lucky to have been given this experience, THANK YOU SO MUCH. After the last band, we got on the coach once again to Writtle. That evening was so much fun -everyone was in the bar and enjoying themselves. The younger blink members who I made friends with said they were really impressed with me – and that it was a shame that I was going. They really appreciated my help. These two weeks have been brilliant, I really feel that I genuinely was a part in helping organise the festival, and not just “someone on the side”. There were times there I was stuck for things to do, but this gave me a chance to take in the atmosphere and watch what others were doing – which may seem dull – but really helped me in deciding my future career. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE TWO WEEKS, i’m so happy and can’t believe I was given this wonderful opportunity! I have more photos, and even videos on my camera which will be uploaded soon!! Krista!!!!!  :):):):)



Today Pheobe and I finished our map of he site – which was used in the celeb buggy race between the presenters of T4!! (so my arts and craft skills have made it on tv haha!!) Pheobe (a girl who is doing work exp ) was asked to take the map to the presenter area – and hold it whilst on live tv – she got a chance to meet the presenters! I was a little jealous that I wasn’t asked to do this – but im sure there will be other exciting tasks for me to do on sunday! – Today I did my first bit of buggy riding ! Unfortunately I cant drive one myself as I havent got a drivers licence – but I can still travel in them! I was on the back on the buggy whilst another runner was driving – and we stopped to ask a site guard if we could take a certain route – and he said to me “where are you going – the dressing room??” so I think he thought I was “someone” hahaha! Today I have been mainly helping out with Tea runs, getting food for people etc. I have also seen loadssssss of celebs today! There was some “buggy banter” with Paloma Faith!  - She was in a buggy next to us driving around. I also saw Alexa Chung in the presenters area (she is SOOOOO tiny in real life!) Steve Jones, the  t4 presenter Mat, Jamella jamil (who went into the toilet next to me – claim to fame aaha!) all walking round the presenter area. Today there weren’t any “major tasks” for me to do (despite me asking loads if I could help out ) – as everything was going smoothly. But I was given the golden opportunity to be taken to the trucks – which I thought was reallllly cool. I was shown all the live screens – and how the director chooses to swap between screens if he wants to change the shot. I had to be really quiet in there so I didn’t disturb them working! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow as Will (the editor for blink) said I can come help them film in the arena for some footage of “the campers”. As everything was going well today – i had to chance to watch some bands – I had SUCH A GOOD VIEW! I could stand at the bottom side of the stage – So i was right at the front. It also felt really surreal when Pixie Lott and friends came and stood right by me to watch The Kooks! Its so strange/ cool seeing the bands up close – as apposed to being in the crowd miles away which I usually am! This is such a great experience – i’m having loads of fun and really learning about the industry and have more of a feel about what and who does what in preparation for events such as music festivals. This is really helping me in discovering what I want to do as  job after uni. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day. I’m really going to miss this experience ! Krista.xx

First Day at V

So I arrived at the V festival site, and everyone was in festival mood!! I was in an extra happy mood – just having received my A Level results – and getting in to my first choice uni (Sussex!) Im staying in “writtle college” (here is only a small amount of us staying here, as all the blink team didn’t fit in the Holiday in). Staying in the college dorms gave me an idea of what Uni life is like – I can’t wait! I was also given my wrist band which says “production crew” – this felt really cool and made me feel like a VIP haha! With this wrist band I was allowed access to the back area (where production portable offices are), and the areas where the presenters are filmed. I didn’t realise the portable offices where going to be so big – it was like the whole blink offices had been taken to Blink. There was the main one where the main production assistants worked (elizabeth flowers etc.) then the editing suit, then a “general purposes one” which was used to stored props/drinks in etc – where I spent most of my time. I arrived on Friday which was the final preparation day before the bands went on. This meant doing label sticking – but it had to be done!! We had to label up all the tapes for all the different bands – There were three ISO’s one line cut and then one digi beta – and then each of them had three stickers – for each band – i’m not very good at maths but I know that equals a lot of sticking!! (6 hours of it!) However this task did help me to remember all the different cameras and the different types of tapes – i.e. 124, or 60 or 40 length. After we had done the tapes we moved on the DVD’S. Pheobe and I made the best of it though –  and we had the help of another runner called Ben. Ben was really friendly – and put music on his phone so we could sing a dance a bit whilst labelling! Since then the portable office we were in came know as the chill out area haha – where Blink Tv staff could get away from the stress for a bit hehe! In between the labelling I did lots of Tea runs – which despite how strange it sounds I reallllllllyyy enjoyed. This being, as to get to the cafe you had to go past the presenting area – so I did a bit of celebrity spotting on the way! It was also a nice to find out that I got free food! for lunch and dinner!!! The food was SOOOOOO nice – the selection was amazing. For lunch I had mushroom pie – mmmmm. And for pudding there were cupcakes, chocolate mouses, fruit, ice cream – you name it they had it! As there were no bands playing, and all the prep was complete the runners managed to get an early night and left the site and 8:30 on the coach on the way back to writtle college. As we arrived at writtle we were also informed of some more good news  -  there was a free bar! This gave me a chance to talk to the other runners and to find out how they got work – and what other companies where good for work exp so I could start building up a portfolio. This gave me good insight into the industry, so I can find out more about it before I (fingers crossed) will be in it!!! Despite the free bar – everyone was sensible and got an early night sleep – ready for Saturday!! Im really thankful for this experience – and i’m having such a wonderful time!!! K

The Run Up to V

I’m in my second week at Blink, and i’m really excited as it’s getting closer and closer to V festival!!! On Tuesday at the office, I learnt all the different tapes and cameras needed to film V. There are ISO’s, line cuts and then the digital or HD. For example, the iso is the camera that runs all the time when the artist is performing. I found this really interesting as when i always watch programmes, or stand in the crowds, I always wonder the difference between the cameras filming, and why there is so many! On Tuesday, Iwas hardly in the Blink Office! I am starting to do things more independantly now, and i’m not always at the side of a blink tv staff member. I had to go and pick up booklets Blink had made for V festival. I then had to also do a post office run sending all the tapes and and DVD’s, which were very heavy! The DVD’s are ones that I had copied myself. I was taught how to use the big DVD writer. As the line up had changed (at last min!) I also had to do a few modifications on my “Clasher chart” that I made.  :)

Monday :)

wow, i’ve been at Blink for a week now! Soo today.. the T4 presenter..steve jones came into the office today…(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) He is really tall in real life! Despite that, firstly I walked straight past him, but then pheobe who is also doing work exp, pointed him out to me. As we walked passed, he asked as where the toilet was… we played it cool trying to act normal, but as soon as we stepped out side the building we were both smiling/screaming haha! I spent today getting the last props. I was then taught how to use the DVD copier, I was then asked to make a trip to the post office. All in all a reallly good day, and i’m looking forward to tomorrow  :)K.

Blink TV Update

Okay, since my last update my time at blink TV has got even more exciting. On thursday I did little jobs like putting together booklets for the V staff.  I was also asked to look for cool videos that can be shown on the big screen when people are waiting for the bands to play. Friday was the best day yet, Pheobe (a girl my age who is also doing work experience with Blink – who i’ve made friends with) were set the fun task to go “prop shopping”!!!. We were given £60 and spent the day shopping ALL over London, with our list of random objects that can be used in the interviews with celebrities. We had to find all sorts of things, a french flag, a baby chick, a hat, some cowboy boots (all of which we managed to find!). When we came back to the office the Blink TV team were really pleased with what we got, and were extra pleased we had £20 spare! On Monday we will be carrying on this task, getting the last dribs and drabs of the props, which i’m really looking forward to. The atmosphere in the office on Friday was really friendly, and i’m starting to form close relationships with some of the staff members. I’m SOOOOO looking forward to V fest. I know it’s going to be brilliant!!!  :):):)


Second and Third Day Update

okay, so the last time I posted I just came back from my first day. Right now, i’m very sleepy from my third day at Blink TV. Today and Tuesday I made signs to go on the golf buggies that are used around the site and some more spread sheet word, such as contacts for the people going to V. I was also asked to ring up the the train company and work out which train tickets are best value for money for the blink TV staff, such as when you can’t travel using the return saver. When I gave all the information to the Blink teamI felt like I contributed to the prep for V. The team also said my time tabel for the bands was good as it was clearly set out. The teams comments are making me feel really comfortable and appreciated. I really feel that I will make some good relationships with the blink tv staff, and I am reallllllyyyy enjoying my time there. Tomorrow is going to be really good as I am going to look for props! I better get to sleep, i’ll update the blog soon

Krista's First Day :)

As I walked up to the Blink TV studio I was really nervous, but within the first quarter of an hour I felt comfortable and welcomed by all the staff. I was given a desk straight away and then had my tour of the studio. My first task was to make labels for the master copies of the video recordings of all the artists playing at V.  This task helped me settle in and also realise how much preparation there was for the festival, as making labels sounds quite simple but it actually took quite a long time. I then made a spread sheet noting the times when the performers are playing. It was really important I noted the gaps between the performers, and the exact times so the crew knew exactly where they needed to be and when. Already on my first day I had seen confidential information, as the times aren’t released to the public yet. It also felt very surreal when people were using celebrities’ first names when talking about the running order and plans etc.

It was a really good first day, and I’m sooo excited forward to tomorrow.