4 Days til the big festival…. V.

As it edges closer and closer to V, I’m starting to feel the side effect of 7am wake ups and an almost two hour journey to work and back! You’d think I’d be use to it, waking up early for college for the past two years, but apparently not.

Nothing too interesting to tell this week. Matt Edmondson popped down for a meeting yesterday. Yet again, i was in, well… shock. We’ve had quite a treat with seeing the likes of T4 presenters; Matt Edmondson, Nick Grimshaw, Jameela Jamil, and of course, TV personality Keith Lemon. You’d think we were running some sort of celebrity club here!

Although these kinds of people pop down. We haven’t met them. No words of wisdom, no hugs goodbye, not even photos. We’re being too professional about this. Our tasks are to photocopy, and visit the post office before closing and occassionally do a tea/coffee run. I’d imagine you’re sitting there wondering where the ‘fun’ is in this experience, but the weird thing is, this is all fun. We don’t mind making coffee or tea, it helped us learn names. Photocopying is genuinely fun, we’re doing hundreds of copies a day. And visiting the post office has allowed us to head home early. Not that we’ve gotten home any earlier than half 7.

Soon beings V Festival though, which means earlier starts, later finishes and being constantly drained of all energy and abilty to speak. Can’t complain though, it will be amazing. We will walk past artist’s we’ve only ever dreamed of, and the crew are always making us giggle.

What am i thinking right now? How much i just want a nap haha.

Blink TV

So, me and Yasmine have started on our work experience at BlinkTV. Compared to what Jim had told us, it’s not what i expected at all. It’s so laid back. You could come in your PJ’s and everything will be okay, but you’d get funny looks on the train.

It’s a struggle getting up at 7am, and it’s only day 3, but already, we’re so tired. Think we need to get earlier nights!!

If this continues, then i wouldn’t mind aiming for a job in a place like this. Everybody is so friendly and laid back, but we’re all getting on with our work. Plus London is amazing! China town just round the corner and likewise with Oxford Street.

One downside… the London riots decide to kick off as we start. Typical hey? Least it’s easing off now. Bring on V Festival!

Work Experience.. V Fest

I honestly can’t begin to describe how excited I am! I’m going to be doing my work experience at V festival. Such an amazing opportunity! I literally could not stop smiling as Jim and David told me the news. I guess I could be seen as over excited… but isn’t that a good thing? It shows that I’m more than ready to get up and go do it. I just have to wait until the 8th of August, which will be two days after I get back from holiday.

My thoughts right now? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH