V festival on site production

V festival was amazing. All the hard work and effort put into my time at the office had all come into place with the most amazing results!

Friday on site wasn’t very busy and mainly consisted of getting used to the site and paths we would be taking for the rest of the weekend. Other tasks we had y were getting the four different edit and production trucks ready for the directors, preparing them with stationary, water, timetables and call sheets ect. It was also a good chance to meet the rest of the teams on site also getting a feel for timings and basic duties for each day.

Saturday on site was spent working as a runner for the stage one production team. At one point I was even asked to step in as a runner for the TV production truck. Working from 8.30 am to 11pm was tiring but what i was doing in between made it all worth while. Like Friday, the first tasks were to get the edit and stage visual trucks ready for the directors and assistants to start the day with accurate information in front of them. Other tasks to start the day were labelling tapes for each artist, photocopying and editing sheets. Later on in the day I visited the TV set for the first time, the behind the scenes set up is amazing, i never knew how many people were waiting behind the cameras each doing a job. Another highlight on the Saturday was being allowed to sit in the stage one live edit and video truck for the whole of Paloma Faith’s set. It was mind blowing, I had no idea that all the images shown on the jumbo screen were being directed carefully shot by shot to ensure the audience don’t miss a thing! There is also an ENG logger who watches the footage marking down good or bad aspects of each shot to report to the TV truck for clearance to be aired on channel 4. I’ve never seen so many screens in my life. One other highlight of the day was being able to stand by and watch some of the off set interviews with Katy B and even some intro/outro’s read by Steve Jones and Edith Bowman.

Sunday was spent assisting Artist liaison, which is basically the duty of getting the Artists from A to B- in this case from the artist area to there place of interview (the presenter tower or various other on site locations)and  I had the best time ever. Myself and Charlotte got to meet so many people including; Joe Dempsie, Olly Murs, Calvin Harris, John Newman, Ellie Goulding ect. Golf Buggying them around was a big responsibility but such amazing fun, I even had to go on a Food run for The Saturdays. Standing by on the interviews and watching on set was brilliant, so rewarding once i’d watched the highlights show afterwards and saw the scenes i was present when they were being recorded.

All I can say is thank you so much to Jim and David, I also wish a good luck to next years trustees who will be coming through the same process.

I thought I would also let you know I’ve started to build connections already! I’ve contacted everyone I helped or worked with with contact details and also added some of them on facebook to keep the networks going. Through this I’ve been sent the email of a woman who controls the live events for the BBC! there will be a CV on its way shortly

Louise xx

BlinkTV office overview

I’ve had such an amazing time on this placement, so firstly i would love to say thank you to Jim and David for this rare opportunity. The first week at the BlinkTV office in Soho was fantastic.  I spent most of my time researching and listening to music to put onto the preferred tracks to broadcast spreadsheet, which changed more or less every day depending on clearance and management incite. Other tasks in the office were equally interesting such as importing music onto the systems, searching for previous band set lists, lyrics and even writing artist biographies for the producers to use for information going into scripts and que cards for the presenters. Other smaller tasks included working out track timing, sorting and organising stage folders and making binder sides using the company logo.


Today I talked to Elizabeth, the blink TV production manager, who explained more about the placement and answered questions by phone to what I originally asked in an E-mail! such a nice woman. From what she’s explained to me so far I can’t wait to get started, the mixture of entertainment production (the festival its self) and broadcasting (channel 4) seem such a great combination to learn about and help me with the choices I will make next year. I really can’t express my excitement enough!! Bring on August!


Getting a placement with the trust

It’s been nearly two months since I found out about the placement opportunity’s and I would like to say how glad I am to be chosen out of the many people who applied! I’m looking forward to finding out which placement I’ve been assigned and putting the skills I’ve learned from the Tuskar process to use along the way.

Thanks again to Jim and David,