Week Two at NorthOne

The week started off unexpectedly entertaining. An email came in from commissioners at a few different tv stations asking for new show ideas to fill in their evening slots. It was pretty exciting and a complete learning experience to be in the meetings with the research team.

One of the researches came up with an excellent game for the group to kick-start some ideas. I got to join in and pitched an idea they liked! With the right research and format who knows what could happen!

Today I finished off some research on old British sitcoms, I honestly thought it would be very dull but I actually enjoyed watching them and realised why they were so successful.

It seems a bit on and off at the office, with work load, but when there is work to do it is always something exciting and interesting. I could honestly get used to this.

Day 5 of Week 1

I had a brilliant last day researching into a new show idea for Channel 4. I was able to help out with some ideas, including giving advice on how to target the audience of teenagers today. It’s kinda shocking to find out how little industry researchers actually know about teenagers.

I also got to watch one of the first episodes of a brand new show! It was so exciting to see a work in progress become a TV reality. I also was aloud to see some of the footage and plans for the shows never made it to commissioners. It was such a shame as there were some programmers that would have been excellent.

Time really flew by on this day! It was great to sit down at lunch with the group and get to know about their journeys to North One. I found out that all of them came from degrees that had nothing to do with film or television at all, one of the guys I worked with had done an MA in Geography.

I cant wait for the second week of my placement!

Day 3 & 4

Day Three: Most of  yesterday was the same as the first, just sat around waiting for people to arrive. Then I was taken up to the main edit suite to watch some editing being done for new promo for Channel 5. Then, after lunch I waiting in the suite for the editor to come back to finish off but she was no where to be seen for about two hours, I found her in the office when she told me she completely forgot about me. Great. However, she did apologise and then I finally got to do some actual work. I researched some ideas and images for a new sci-fi show.

Day Four: I continued with research and got to know the research team better. The team were hilarious and really welcomed me. I even got to pitch a few ideas for a programme! I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them.

Day One & Two North One Placement

Monday: The first day was disappointing right from midday to the end of the day. I was not expecting anything spectaular, however I didnt expect to be sat down such a long time to even be let into the main building. I arrived about fifteen minutes early, still hoping to not be late. In the reception area my name was taken and I took a seat to wait for someone to come get me to start off the placement. I waited for a full hour because most of the staff had even arrived. I had then finally been taken over to the editing suites, I was sat down again and told by the head of the department to wait while he made a quick phone call. The phone call lastest about forty minutes, meanwhile one of the other editors sat across the room from turned on the computers. It was nearly noon when I was given the task to clear out a shelf of all its cassette tapes and log them on an Excel document. The task wasnt explained very well but I managed to figure it out after asking a few questions.

It would have been nice to get a tour of the building and talked through a few things,  but I spent the rest  of the day collecting tapes, logging them on Excel and placing them in moving boxes.

Tuesday: Today I arrived even earlier and got breakfast before going to the studio. I arrived at 9:30am on the dot and was sent to the editing suite once more. I had gotten the hang of organising and logging the tapes quite quickly, I logged all the main tapes asked of me. I then asked if the individual DVD’S, CD’S and MINI DV’s needed logging aswell, the answer was yes. I spent the rest of the day infront of a laptop picking out all sorts of mismatched or unlabled CD’s from shelves and documented them on Excel.

So far thats all I have gotten to do. I had a brief talk with a recent graduate who also did work experience at North One previously. He informed me that he spent a whole week doing what I am doing. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

…and the nerves kick in.

So today is the night before my placement at North One Productions in London. I  cant believe time has flown by, it felt like only yesterday that the possibility of the placements were being selected and confirmed. I was pretty uncertain then as to what placement I would get,now knowing my placement however ecstatic, the uncertainty remains as it what to expect. At the same time, I look forward to seeing whats in store.