Celebrity Big Brother Placement

Just thought I would keep you up to date with how the work experience is going.

Yesterday I was with the Reality team shadowing the runners making drinks etc.. and just learning and watching how t all works.

Today was even better, I was with the Task team so was helping with the making of the props for the tasks and helping by hoovering the floor in the “Diary” room!!!

So weird being able to look into the house from the windows, like being at the zoo!!  Back home now after such a good week!

Worked with all the different departments around the Big Brother studio.

Yesterday I was on the live show and the people there seemed to like me and they have offered for me to come and work for them as a ‘Live Day Runner’ so I am going back next Tuesday and Friday doing paid work!!

Also made sure I spoke to people in the Bit On The Side area who said they have jobs coming up with Children In Need that they will need runners for!

Rylan is my new mate!

Thanks so much for this opportunity, its really helped me and hopefully got my foot in the door for the future and a career in the industry!

Thanks very much.

Thanks gain for this opportunity!