North One Television Placement

Monday 15th August

Today I met Nick Barrett today, a member of the team at 3-7 Ray Street, where I would be situated for my work placement. It has been an interesting journey into Farringdon, as I’ve never actually caught a train to Londonbefore, but I made it on time! Upon arrival I was given the low down on the company, a tour of the building and facilities, before finally being introduced to parts of the team. We’ve arranged for a week in September, and I can’t wait to start! It seems like a really great media company with so much to offer!

Monday 5th September to Wednesday 7th September

As soon as I got to the building I found out that my placement was actually in North One television, on the research and pre-production team. I was given a desk and introduced to some of the people I would be spending the week with (they seemed to change on a daily basis, with the staff often in and out on various days with different projects.) On Monday I was given my first task to do some research for an upcoming TV series proposal that would be going out to different channels. At the start of the day we had a team meeting to discuss current projects, and there seems to be so much going on, and lots of exciting new shows that I will definitely be keeping a look out for! The following two days were very much the same.

Thursday 8th September to Friday 9th September

On Thursday I dipped into another project for a totally different show, researching interesting facts for the proposal. It seems that the people that work there all work on a project at once, and sometimes take it in turns to bring it to life and give input with their ideas. Friday was quite different as I changed projects again altogether. For me this was my favourite part, as it had a lot of depth and in my eyes lots of potential to be a show that would grab the attention of a large selection of viewers. It also turned out that someone was leaving that day, so we all went out for lunch to a little Italian place in Farringdon. It was really lovely to get together and talk to the team properly outside the working environment. I heard many stories of what work everyone had picked up in the media industry, which were all very interesting to learn about. Overall my time at North One has been very useful, and I feel as though I’ve picked up some new skills. I can’t thank the team enough for welcoming me, and Jim and his team for making this possible! The experience has surely opened my eyes to the media industry and all it has to offer! In the future I feel as though I’d like to maybe give it a go with the production and filming process.