My first year as a working woman!

So I have just completed my first year as a working woman. I must say it was not necessarily my first choice of a career, but due to location and family situations, I didn’t feel it was the right time to push and pursue the media career.

I started to look for an office job at the beginning of September 2010. I thought this would be the best and easiest way to get myself into the real working world. I can safely say it was no where near as easy as I had expected… at the end of the day it was ‘only’ an office job I was looking for! It was so hard, I had been into every office type places I could think of in the surrounding areas but no one wanted to know as I had ‘no relevant office experience.’

My break came when I applied for a job through an agency for a Sales Team Assistant. I finally had my first interview half way through November! The  interview was all based around the experience I had had working on Big Brother and doing the editing work with Magna Films. I left the interview and was lucky enough to be offered the job an hour later to start 29th November 2010.

The job basically involved being the right hand to the sales team in a technology company. I was worried at first as I am not a technology person, nor am I a sales person, but the role was to predominately carry out any office junior duties and to assist the sales team.

I have really enjoyed my year working there. There have been many ups and downs to say the least, as it is quite an early start up and at times, I thought I may be out of a job. But things have really started to turn around in the last few months. We have new management and it couldn’t be more positive. I have been given a promotion and pay rise to a Sales Team PA. This will be really good to put on my CV for the future.

I am now really good friends with the women that interviewed me for the job. They said that the main reason they gave me the job was because of the experience I had with Big Brother and Magna Films. If it wasn’t for this, I wouldn’t have even been given an interview as most girls my age have waitress on their CV (that is the only other working experience I had).

I need to say thank you again really to the trust as if it wasn’t for this, I would not be in the job I am in now and doing so well. It has also made me realise how hard it is to get what I though was a simple job, or even an interview. You’ve just gotta keep on and on!!

Thanks again,


14th May BB Radio 2 Day

Well where do I begin?!? The 14th May was an absolutely amazing day and has definitely helped me decide which career path to follow.

Krista and I arrived at the BBC 2 Radio studio feeling slightly nervous, and sat in the reception waiting to meet Ben, the producer of the Dermot O’Leary show. Once he had introduced himself, we followed him upstairs which is where the BBC Radio 2′s recording studios are and he went through with us which programme are recorded in each studio. The Dermot O’Leary studio was like the others, split into two sections. Dermot sat in one, where the show was aired and we sat in the other with Ben, Simon the assistant producer and Phil, who controlled the sound, music and jingles etc.  We were given a running order of the show which we learnt was pretty flexible depending on what comes up during the show. It was explained to us that the planning of each week’s show was quite difficult, due to Dermot’s busy schedule, so phone calls between the producer and Dermot are normally how the show is planned! So understandably, Dermot might want to play a song he hadn’t thought of during the week.

We read through the schedule as well as an information sheet on the live band that were practicing in the other half of the studio – O land. We then had the privilege to watch them rehearse for a while and I think I can speak for myself and Krista that we will both be buying their album when it’s released! They are awesome!

Dermot then arrived and greeted us both. He was so welcoming and friendly. He asked us about each of our work experience and what we are doing now. He showed great enthusiasm when listening to us, especially when telling him how valuable we both found our work experience and how much it had helped us both.

The team did their last bits of preparation and the show begun. When there was a song or feature playing, Dermot would come out of his booth and ask if we were enjoying ourselves and if we were all ok, as well as keeping the banter up… especially where schools were concerned!!

I really enjoyed chatting to him and listening to all of his advice he had to give. It was really fun talking about Colchester etc and having local things in common with him. It was just nice to get his different perspectives on things and learning about how he started out etc.

It wasgreat to have the opportunity to say thank you in person.  I really wanted to make sure that we conveyed that what he is doing with the trust is really worthwhile.

There was a lot going on throughout the show and towards the end, it was really fun to see a quick interview with Alan Carr and Melanie Sykes before their show was due to start.

After the show, Dermot took us into the studio and showed us how everything worked in there which was really interesting. We chatted for a while longer and then it was sadly time to go.

Observing the show made me realise that Radio is definitely something I want to have a career in and I feel that the day was the little push I needed to start pursuing that. We were given loads of advice from the team and Dermot and it was just so useful to watch the running of it all as well.

I had such a fantastic day and can’t thank you enough for organising it all. What a great opportunity!! Thank you, Becki.

Becki Last BB Post :(


I am now sitting at my computer at home after completing my two weeks work experience!

On Thursday I was with the Reality team. This team looks after everything to do with the house. I was firstly shadowed with a runner, Vicky. We firstly went to get the post from security. It was given to us in a massive bag, compared to normal when we would just get the post given to us in our hand. When we got it to the office, we discovered that it was filled with nine white boxes with red kisses on the front. They were addressed to all the important people like the execs and seniors. One was adressed to the secretary in reality so she opened hers first. We discovered that it was from a prospective housemate. It enclosed a riddle and a picture of the woman lying on a pavement. It basically said that when opening all of the parcels, you would discover who it was from. Very bizarre!! We were not aloud to deliver the rest of the parcels. Instead we took them to the welfare office.

We then just did little jobs like cleaning the kitchen sink and moving cardboard boxes. Then i had to go with the other runner Ollie to Shepherds Bush to the head offices of Endemol. This took up the rest of the afternoon and i found it really interesting to see the difference between the offices. We delivered a few letters and picked up floats for each department.

On Friday I was with the live team. I got assigned with the main runner Kele. They have day runners to come in every Friday aswell to help with the live show. I helped on the lunch run to Marks in the morning. Throughout the day i did little jobs such as shredding the important information to do with the new housemates entering and looking after the script desk. I was also with another work experience girl who i had got to know quite well over the two weeks. We looked after David from a previous Big Brother and ex-housemate Keeva in the friends and family room until their appearance later in the live shows. For the evening, i got to watch the whole live show, including the bit in the studio. It felt great as only privaliged people get tickets for that bit and I just got to walk strait in with my pass!! I think it was a great way to finish my week as i got to witness what everything is working towards.

I am so grateful for the opportunity and i think it has been highly beneficial!!! I have made loads of contacts and friends and am just so glad i had this amazing experience! Thankyou so so much!!!


Becki Update 21/07/2010


Ok, so last time i wrote i was about to experience another day on Little Brother. I arrived and was assigned to shadow a runner, Gerch who was really friendly. We started by getting all the presenters and guests dressing rooms ready for the days show. This involved just clearing out fridges and polishing cutlery but it was actually pretty cool seeing where they all chill out. We then took orders for the teams lunch and popped to Tesco to pick it all up. I then had to wash out the teams water bottles… so i was kept pretty busy throughout the morning!! There was a bit of commotion going on around the security gate at the house and speculation of the housemate Keeva leaving. This got confirmed and presenter Emma Willis arrived to do a clip for the website. I found this really excited as I got to witness her leaving. The team was then pretty behind as they had to re-script the show. They arranged for ex-housemate Shabby to come to the studio too to appear on the live show aswell which was pretty exciting. I spent a lot of the afternoon looking after the team and fetching teas and coffee etc. I also was there as a stand in for the crew when doing the shows run throughs. Ithen went and spoke to Shabby in the friends and family room to calm her nerves. The live show went out at six and went really well considering we didn’t do a rehersal with Keeva or Shabby. I think this was probably my best day so far as i was kept involved all the time and felt like i had really settled in with the team. I had a chat with the guests and Production team after and went home really satisfied with my days work!

Today (Wednesday) I was with the task team again. I was really pleased with this as i know that the shopping task starts on Wednesday so hoped a good fun day was ahead. I firstly went down with the team into the camera runs of the house to put information about the task in the hatch for the housemates. Andrew Stone had entered the house in the morning as a dance and vocal teacher for the task. The housemates had to take part in a warm up class and at this point I had to take the breakdfast into the storeroom and kitchen of the house which was really exciting. After this i took part in de-branding some of the shoping items. I later on witnessed the auditions of the housemates in the task room through the one sided mirrors. This was really good as i got to see the task unfolding in front of me nstead of on the television. I then had to look after Andrew and the pianist with teas and coffee and food etc. The vocal lesson then started which was really entertaining to see all the housemates participating in the task. Before i knew it, it was time to go!!

I had a really exciting day today and am very sad that i am approaching my last two days  . I have had such a good experience and can’t wait to enjoy the rest of my time working with the teams!!!

Write soon


Becki's Third Post Update


Last time i wrote, was about to have my final day of my first week. I was due to work on the Digital team. I was introduced to a girl called Kirsty who was one of the more higher up people in the team and i shadowed her for the day. We did a number of shoots for the website including one with Davina giving the lowdown on what she has been up to during the week, one with ex-housemate Nathan doing an impression of a past housemate and one with Emma Willis for a link to a clip for youtube. I witnessed how these get put on the website and also how stories and videoclips from the house get identifyed and put onto the website.

I had a break before i had to turn up for Big Mouth. I returned at 8 and we all went to watch the live show go out in one of the workshops. Once Davina was half way through the interview with the evicted housemate Ife, we went to the Big Mouth studio and waited for it to start. It was so interesting watching how it all gets done and is so different to what you see on the television. It is much smaller and was so strange seeing Davina. In the breaks it is so funny because everyone relaxs and then as soon as we’re on air again everyone switches to being so proffessional. All in all i was so grateful for the opportunity to witness a live show and had a really great night!!

Today (Monday) I was with the Digital team again. There was a great amount to do today apart from keeping a lookout for stories happening during the day which are appropriate for the website. I did a lunch run for everyone at Tesco’s which was actuallly nice to get out as the office is sooooooo hot!!!! I also did many tea runs which everyone was grateful for!! Towards the end of the day a runner from Big Brothers Little Brother came into the office and asked if any of us were willing to dress up as a housemate Ben for a spoof they were doing in the live show. I put myself forward… why not!!! It was really fun and Becca put herslef forward as well so we had each other to laugh at which was really funny. Today was such a laugh and i’m looking forward to tomorrow as I am on Little Brother again!!!

Speak soon 

Becki Update 15/07/2010


Ok so i had my third day on Big Brother’s Big Mouth.

I firstly was introduced to Production Manager, Phillippa Langdon she then shadowed me to a runner, Caz. Firstly we had to go into town to go to the bank. Alth0gh this dosen’t sound too interesting, it gave me a great opportunity to have a chat with Caz the job and she gave me lots of tips about who to contact once I’m finished with work experience. I feel she gave me a real insight to the job and was very encouraging. After returning to the offices I had to find local businesses such as River Island and New Look that are in the area and identify the addess and contact number to call to see whether they would be interested in being in the audience of Big Mouth. The team were very impressed with my list of businesses which made me feel as though i had acheived something for the team. In the afternoon I got shadowed with another runner to help film a VT for the live show on Friday. It involved conversations between a fly and a moth about the new housemates. We had a miniture house and a fly and a moth attatched to a piece of wire and had to manover the insects about the house. I got to be the fly and it was really enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product on Friday as they invited me to sit in the audience on the live show!!

Today (Day 4), I worked with the DDF team (Editors). This gave me an insight as to how the daily shows are edited. It was very interesting. Basically the editors get given stories that they have to cut down by half or sometimes even more, but still keep the continuity. I witnessed a number of stories being put together and was really intrigued. The editor i was with for most of the day was really friendly and talked through most of what he was doing so I didnt find myself becoming bored. Towards the end of the day he had to edit a short task which the housemate Josie took part in. It involed yhe task in which all the women were superheros. She was supposed to be running down a road whilst making hot dogs. Alan had to tackle a number of problems involving continuity and it was really interesting to see how he overcame the problems.

Tomorrow i am working with Digital which I’m not quite sure what it entails. I requested to Emma that I am involved with he eviction and she said that as i’m working with digital, that should be fine. After, i can then go on to sit in the BBBM audience. Very excited right now!!!

Will keep you updated as to how my day goes.


By the way, I know there are spelling mistakes but the computer I am on is not letting me change anything i have already written!!!

Becki’s First Post

Hi, Becki here

Well i have now completed my first initial two days!!! 

It has been very interesting so far… On my first day i had a tour of the whole studios including a tour of the Big Brother house camera runs! i then got put with the task team. It didn’t seem to be a very busy day for them and they didn’t have a lot of things for me to do.. I photocopied about 100 invoices and lamenated a few name tags during most of the day. Then for the last two and a half hours i got assigned to a task for later in the week which involved watching episodes and identifying embarrassing and bitchy comments said by the housemates. I found this really enjoyable and felt i had benefitted the team with my work.

On day 2 i was assigned to Big Brothers Little Brother. The team asked me what i am interested in giving me a list of options and i told them that i was very interested in editing. A runner took me to the editing team for BBLB and i spent my morning with them, observing how they make short VT clips for that days show. I found this very worthwhile and it was very satisfactory to see these clips used later on in the rehearsals and live show. After lunch i got shaddowed with a floor runner. I really enjoyed this part of the day as I began to see how everything comes together… I even got given my own head set!! We did several run throughs of the show and i had to stand in for missing celebrities and guests which was fun. I stayed later to watch the show go out on air and am really pleased with how the day went. The team were very friendly and helpful and seemed keen for me to come back another day to work with them.

Tomorrow I am working on Big Brothers Big Mouth which i am very excited about and will keep you updated as to how i get on!!

That’s all for now!