Looking for jobs as production runner

For any of you that might be interested in looking for a permanent position as a runner in television I have found that the most useful place to look is on twitter. Follow @theunitlist who post regular job alerts for vacancies in television. These are often higher level roles that require a lot of previous experience, however there are quite a few job alerts for runners as well. Out of all the pages on twitter that I have found, this is the one I have found most useful so far.

I also recently discovered this site (http://www.a-p-a.net/index.php/vacancies/) the Advertising Producers Association that posts vacancies commercial production companies may have. Although perhaps not as exciting as some of the work experience placements we have had/going to, they frequently add many entry level jobs that some of you might be interested in having a look at.



Tuesday, and I have finally recovered from the lack of sleep over the past two weeks, but what an amazing two weeks they have been.

Saturday morning I got the train to Weston-Super-Mare, and was greeted at site with an access all areas pass (ah!). It was rehearsal day, so after having a nosey round the site, I got down to some preparations for the big day. I was with the production team, and with all the sweeties in our porter cabin we had people back ad fourth all day, including all of the directors, presenters and few celebs with the talent management in with us (Alexandra Burke is sooo nice). I was on my feet all day, delivering updated running orders back and fourth, preparing props, keeping the teams around the site fueled with coffee, getting the presenters, and secretly putting up birthday decorations everywhere and leaving partybags to celebrate T4OTB’s 10th Birthday. All those props I brought during the past two weeks were there up on stage being used, and even spotted all of those lanyards around the crews neck that I had made in my first week.

It was great to see all the team again who had gone off earlier in the week to prepare for the event, and seeing all the preparation that had been done paying off. I got to meet so many new people, and again everyone was so friendly. The director from the talent garden randomly came up to me and said he had seen me on the train and ended up catching the train back with him at the end of the weekend.

Sunday, show day, in for 6:00 am (be prepared for tv times, this was hard after finishing work at 12 the previous night), but there was such a buzz and so much to do there was no time to be tired. I was so pleased that I made the decision to lug my wellies on the train as there was so much rain in the morning and giant puddles everywhere.

I was surprised at how much responsibility I was given, and was left in charge of getting props to the talent garden for the right time, – the pressure was on as they were all live links. Props included the lovely selections of drinks (blended fishpie, roast dinner and curry), a giant ice-cream, buckets of ice and water and sponges etc. I was frequently backstage getting bit and pieces and so got to listen to some of the live music, and allowed in the VIP bar area. At the end of the evening I was in charge of getting the main creative director Hamish Hamilton to his car, and other celebs including June Sarpong (who devoured the two cooked breakfast I got for her in the morning in minutes).

The day was such a huge success. I have enjoyed every second of the past two weeks, and have had an amazing experience and met some great people who I hope to keep in contact with. I cannot thank Jim and Dave enough for organizing this experience for me. Best of luck to all of you who are on placements organized by the Tuskar Trust this summer!

Can’t wait for T4OTB.

This past week has been manic. The tv team set off for site yesterday so everything needed to be done before then. Usually they have two people doing work experience at any one time, this week it has just been me,  in the craziest  of weeks.

I can definitely say that these two weeks working in London has improved my map skills and general knowledge of London outside of Oxford Street and Covent Garden. I have been everywhere. Markets on the hunt for giant birthday cards, from one line of the central line to the other to pick up and drop off a secret item for the olympics, Paddington, Arsenal, Islington, Greenford?! I have got a little lost on the way, but managed (somehow ). Prop searching reached another level when I was sent out to hunt for some red fluffy handcuffs. Ringing around shops before hand, the rest of the Done and Dusted family had a great laugh at me asking if they had this item in stock. If anyone has listened to The Scott Mills Show on radio 1 before, it felt a little bit like one of their embarrassing features, and I was Becky!  I have also been involved in the making of the props, watch out for the ‘dong’ on sunday – that is all I will say.

Every lunchtime I have covered for our receptionist, while he goes out for lunch. Although this doesn’t sound the most exciting, it has provided me with the experience needed if I ever was to be employed as a production receptionist. Looking out for jobs for after I have finished this, I feel more confident that I could secure a job with a similar role.

More of the exciting news. The train and hotel are booked and tomorrow at 7 am, I am off to Weston-Super-Mare (ah). Rehearsals all day Saturday and look out of C4 for the actual event. I will be one f the runners for the weekend based with the television crew. Preparing myself for a couple of long and exciting days ahead. Wellies and mac are packed as I’m preparing for rain.

Wish me luck, x

Day 4 and 5 at Done and Dusted. Search for the crystal ball cont.

Day 4 started with a morning in Hyde Park rehearsing the games that will take place on the day. This included a giant catapult to fling wet sponges into targets, and another game with lots of balloons (consequently I was out of puff for the remainder of the day after blowing the majority of these up). These rehearsals are vital, as they highlight flaws in the scripts, timing, and check that the game concepts work well. Pretending to be a member of Little Mix wasn’t bad either.

I was back to my shopping list, with other unusual items added to my list (Hawaiian shorts, industrial sized moisturizer, fortune teller costume).

I was sent at the end of the day to Stratford to drop off a package at the Olympic Stadium. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t get past security and get a sneak at the rehearsals that were going on, so can’t feedback anything on that.

Day 5, and after 4 longs days, a strong coffee was definitely a must for everyone on my tea round that morning. I study English and American Studies at university, something that you perhaps put with a career in television, and something I was slightly worried about when applying for jobs. However, I have as my time at uni has continued I have been able to tailor my course to my interest in film an television. I completed a film module this year, I am going to study a screenwriting module next year alongside my dissertation in literature to film adaptions. I was unsure when I chose my degree what I wanted to do as a career, and so I ended up just picking what I loved doing. Slowly as I’ve grown up, and learnt more through my studies and experiences, I’ve been able to adapt my degree.  As long as you are full of enthusiasm and willing to get stuck in and get down to the dirty work.

Top tip from the week would be to perfect the art of making a cup of tea/coffee. Nobody wants a runner who can’t make a good brew. Bring a notepad with your London A-Z for big tea orders, and writing down email addresses for future contacts!


Day 3: Done and Dusted on the production for T4 on the beach!

With just two weeks till T4 on the beach it’s been all go at the ‘Done and Dusted’ office.

The majority of the people that work for Done and Dusted are contacted in to work on various different projects, so although I am working specifically with the T4 team, I have also been helping out people working on the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, and Justin Beiber’s next tour. It’s such an exciting and fast-paced atmosphere, something which I love about the television industry. Everybody is so friendly and encouraging. They have all had to work their way up from finding work experience and being a runner to where they are today. As a university student, it is continuously drummed into me how important it is to have work experience, so to have this opportunity again is amazing, and something that will prove invaluable when I finally graduate next year.

I got stuck in straight away at the office. My first main task was rather daunting. I was given a parcel and a very vague map and asked to deliver it. After quickly doing a google maps search, I was off. I am not the most confident with maps, let alone in London. But after navigating my way on the tubes, and an anxious twenty minute walk, I reached my destination. The London A-Z was the first thing I packed into my bag ready for my next adventures for the next day.

Day 2, I was set the task of helping create the staff lanyards. All of the crew will have my creations around their necks at T4. So much preparation goes in to an event like this, and because it is the last week there is always something to do. I’m tested on the quiz that will be happening at the event, and set on the task of tracking down what is the latest news of the guest line-up to help advertise the event.

Day 3. After being a little envious of a girl who came in on work experience helping out with the costumes for the Olympics, I was given a shopping list and let loose on Oxford street! The list included extra large wax strips (you can imagine how bad that sounded when I was asking the shop assistants for these), onesies, birthday cards for David Beckham and Elton John, desk bell, and a crystal ball?! I have now visited the majority of fancy dress shops in the area!

Looking forward to the rest of the week, and finally tracking down this crystal ball!




Well the 2 weeks are now unfortunatley all over  – I enjoyed it so much!

On the Thursday I went back to DDf for the second day of my job trial, and they offered me the job of a permanent runner for the team.. there were very long discussions with everyone in my family, such an amazing opportunity! unfortuantley I live roughly a 2 and a half hour journey on the trains and that teamed with 12 hour days, some overnight would be difficult and the hotel prices were very high at such late notice, and so I had to turn it down. I will definitley however, in my university breaks be looking for part-time running jobs that I could do – I’ve loved the hard work and the constant buzz! From just working 3 days in the same deparmtent I settled in so well, and will really be missing the editors there, as i’m sure they will be missing my tea and coffee.

Friday, I was with the live team, it was their busiest day with the show that night, and I was even given my own headset – a goal I had set myself at the start of the two weeks! We prepared for the live show, getting the set(s) ready, giving out scripts etc. In the afternoon the crowd outside has reached a considerbale size, and I actually got to do some filming of them, getting them to wave their banners, scream, and shout to their favourite housemates. Other runner Helen showed me how the camera works etc, and it was so exciting to be the one filming the crowd, not the one in the crowd. I then helped out in the friends and family room, chatted to hosuemate Dave’s Mum for about half an hour – she is SO lovely, and I by the end of the day I’m sure I had developed a slight Welsh accent..  .. Ben’s friend, and Andrew’s parent were all there as well, and I got to chat with all of them. Jedward were the special guests for that night and I proudly can tell my sister that they brushed past me.. and yes! there hair is as tall as it looks on television!

Its been such an amazing experience and I can now soundly say I would love to have a career in television in the future, and will start off by looking for running jobs.. Thankyou for this opportunity!

Becca x

Becca Day 8 :)


Well a lot has happened since my last blog – yesterday I was placed with the DDF team which consists of many editing suites. They have a humongus libary of tapes, and which am becoming increasingly familiar with now.. I was at first teamed with runner Juliet, who gave me a tour of the offices introducing me to everyone, there are so many names to remember! All the runners I have been placed with the past days have been so friendly and such a useful source of advice ..

The people of in DDF work very long hours trying to get the shows produce so mnay shows in one week – Juliette was on her fourth 12 hour day in a row 8-8! In the afternoon I was placed with various different editors. They talked me through the processes they were going through – the hardest task is to compress the 24 hour day into and hours show and yet keep the storyline and continuity throughout the day. I got to see exclusive footage, being one of the first to know who would be up for eviction this week, being such a bih brother fan, I am going to miss being amongst the first to know the news! The DDF team are actually a runner down after one left just the other day, Sarah one of the co-ordinators in the team, came to me half-way through the day and asked me if I would be interested in the job for the remaining 6 weeks! I was so flattered and exciting that after being with them for just under half a day they were offering me a job trial.. 

So today, and tomorrow I am undergoing a job trial for them. Its been a long day, working from 8am-8pm, and am almost falling asleep at the computer now! haha  it was such a busy day and I literally didnt stop there was always something to be doing, and although tiring the day went pretty fast.. I don’t know if the 12 hour shifts and the 2 and a quarter hour commutes would be viable for me considering the shifts alter from overnight to all day, but its proving such an amazing experience and such a learning curve! Everyone can’t get over how I am only 18, which is such a compliment as I am usually the ‘babyface’ of my group of friends..

Anyways I better get a good nights sleep ready for tomorrows busy day full of fun and excitement! 

Becca x