V! = Best Weekend Ever!

I can honestly say that this past weekend has been one of the best weekends of my life! From Eminem and Rihanna’s mind-blowing performance of ‘Love the way you lie’ to the determined attempt of photocopying Nick Grimshaw/Grimmy’s face with the office photocopier late last night after the festival had finished, so I can safely say this weekend is going to be one I will always remember. Alongside the necessary tasks of tape labelling, organising the office, driving the buggy (so much fun!), collecting teas and coffees and generally making sure you do anything, which helps the team, this weekend consisted of so much more.

I actually ended up spending the majority of the weekend in the presenter area where the interviews and acoustic performances for Channel 4, T4 and 4Music took place. On Saturday morning I had the most incredible personal experience as Nick Gill, the Channel 4 floor manager asked if I could help out in the presenter area, however at this point I didn’t realise that I’d be sitting on the set where Grimmy and Jameela take their interviews. I was used to help the camera operators, directors and producers decide where the presenters should sit and therefore I saw the process from the presenters point on view. The bright lights, the red and quirky set, the three cameras, the autocue and the people all made it very clear to me that I would love to wake up in the morning and have a job which allowed me to be in the position everyday!

Whenever I wasn’t needed at Blink TV I kept retreating back to the presenter area and caught live acoustic performances from the likes of Aloe Blacc, Jessie J, Yasmin, Wretch 32…. And of course I had my input by cheering and clapping when it was needed. I got to watch the live interviews that Grimmy and Jameela did with the likes of Mark Ronson and NDubz up in the studio. Who knew that NDubz actually had three HUGE security guards that went with them everywhere?

Both Laura and myself were based at Stage One/ V Stage and therefore the constant sound of music was just awesome. I loved the fact that when a performer came on which we especially liked Holly, Floss or KJ (who were our supervisors) just told us to go watch them and have a good time. It meant I got the chance to watch Ellie Goulding, You me at six, Lost Prophets, Artic Monkeys, KT Tunstall, Dizzee Rascal, Bruno Mars and others from the front!!  And then there was Rihanna and Eminem. Rihanna performed her set first and was incredible! After the first couple of songs Jameela joined us and danced and joked around and I can now vouch for how lovely and hilariously funny she is. It was definitely one of the highlights as Rihanna got the entire crowd dancing and jumping to the beat. At 9pm Eminem took to the stage and his set was insane! However from the backstage view it was even more entertaining to see the amount of security that is used for just one person, he even had the whole place put on lockdown! At the end of his set Ali, who is the artist liaison and therefore connects the music industry with the television industry, gave Laura and myself passes into the VIP Louder Lounge. The Louder Lounge was the VIP of VIP areas although unfortunately when we went we couldn’t spot any performers/celebrities, probably because most had gone home in their amazing tour buses by that point.

All together this was an experience I will never forget and I want to say a big big thank you to Dermot, Jim and David for organising it!

Non-Stop V Talk

The office is buzzing with the excitement/ hectic schedule and organization that is still needed to be made for the festival. With a constant flow of CD’s entering the office, Laura and myself have become key experts at copying the CD’s and creating replicas to send to the key players, plus I think the ladies at the post office must love us with the amount of times we’ve seen them over the past week.

I had my first experience of ringing up people yesterday who are attending the festival due to working with Blink TV and got to answer the phone with “Blink TV, Yasmine speaking” and do you know what, I could get used to that!

I am actually so excited for the festival and experiencing it from the position that we’ll be in. BACKSTAGE! The performers, the crew, the lovely workers that we’ve been with for the past week, the fact that we don’t have to camp, the hopefully outrageous and hilarious requests we’ll get from the artists, the live exclusive performances, the sneaky drinks at the end of each successful day, the total experience that we will get from this…….just WOW!

Keith Lemon ‘Can I have a can of Coke?’

Wow! First time for me to write on here but I have just been so busy working up at Blink TV with waking up at 7am and arriving home at 8pm it’s been exciting, tiring but also inspiring to see the way the production team of Blink TV work, in the lead up to the V Festival in Chelmsford. Today so far Laura and I have continued to copy the CD’s of the performers, which we will send to stage directors, stage PA’s etc. Other jobs we’ve done today are creating timetables of the performances and creating signs which are then laminated so they can be used during the festival. Although it may not sound exhilarating, we are genuinely really enjoying our time here and are finding the tasks interesting, plus the people are soooo lovely!

Also, exciting stuff Nick Grimshaw and Jameela Jamil are next door having a meeting about presenting the festival. Plus whilst we are sitting here, chatting away and doing work, Keith Lemon pops in to ask if we have a can of coke haaa!

So overall I am loving this experience and it doesn’t even seem like work!

For now, over and out!!