Keith Lemon ‘Can I have a can of Coke?’

Wow! First time for me to write on here but I have just been so busy working up at Blink TV with waking up at 7am and arriving home at 8pm it’s been exciting, tiring but also inspiring to see the way the production team of Blink TV work, in the lead up to the V Festival in Chelmsford. Today so far Laura and I have continued to copy the CD’s of the performers, which we will send to stage directors, stage PA’s etc. Other jobs we’ve done today are creating timetables of the performances and creating signs which are then laminated so they can be used during the festival. Although it may not sound exhilarating, we are genuinely really enjoying our time here and are finding the tasks interesting, plus the people are soooo lovely!

Also, exciting stuff Nick Grimshaw and Jameela Jamil are next door having a meeting about presenting the festival. Plus whilst we are sitting here, chatting away and doing work, Keith Lemon pops in to ask if we have a can of coke haaa!

So overall I am loving this experience and it doesn’t even seem like work!

For now, over and out!!

Blink TV

So, me and Yasmine have started on our work experience at BlinkTV. Compared to what Jim had told us, it’s not what i expected at all. It’s so laid back. You could come in your PJ’s and everything will be okay, but you’d get funny looks on the train.

It’s a struggle getting up at 7am, and it’s only day 3, but already, we’re so tired. Think we need to get earlier nights!!

If this continues, then i wouldn’t mind aiming for a job in a place like this. Everybody is so friendly and laid back, but we’re all getting on with our work. Plus London is amazing! China town just round the corner and likewise with Oxford Street.

One downside… the London riots decide to kick off as we start. Typical hey? Least it’s easing off now. Bring on V Festival!