Week 1 is almost over!

So it’s already Thursday (nearly Friday), this week has gone so fast!

I’m loving the atmosphere of the Blink office and can’t believe there’s only one week left! I’m still helping with artist information for v festival folders and other bits and bobs, and although I’m not producing a new drama for Channel 4, I am having such a good time and getting on well with everyone in the office!

Oh, and finally my Thai of the day was a red curry… It’s becoming a real problem.

Day 3 & 4

Day Three: Most of  yesterday was the same as the first, just sat around waiting for people to arrive. Then I was taken up to the main edit suite to watch some editing being done for new promo for Channel 5. Then, after lunch I waiting in the suite for the editor to come back to finish off but she was no where to be seen for about two hours, I found her in the office when she told me she completely forgot about me. Great. However, she did apologise and then I finally got to do some actual work. I researched some ideas and images for a new sci-fi show.

Day Four: I continued with research and got to know the research team better. The team were hilarious and really welcomed me. I even got to pitch a few ideas for a programme! I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them.

Second day at Blink TV

Today was my second day at the Blink Tv office in Soho and I’m pretty certain I know my way to and from the train now without getting lost; Oh and more importantly to and from the Thai take-away!

Everyone in the office is very nice and have a lot of interesting tales of past shows and festivals to tell, which to me still sounds like a dream land and grasps my attention every time. Next week has got me feeling excited as it will be the final lead up to V-Festival, as well as the festival itself, what a great summer this has turned out to be!

Updates will follow throughout the week,

Over and out!

Day One & Two North One Placement

Monday: The first day was disappointing right from midday to the end of the day. I was not expecting anything spectaular, however I didnt expect to be sat down such a long time to even be let into the main building. I arrived about fifteen minutes early, still hoping to not be late. In the reception area my name was taken and I took a seat to wait for someone to come get me to start off the placement. I waited for a full hour because most of the staff had even arrived. I had then finally been taken over to the editing suites, I was sat down again and told by the head of the department to wait while he made a quick phone call. The phone call lastest about forty minutes, meanwhile one of the other editors sat across the room from turned on the computers. It was nearly noon when I was given the task to clear out a shelf of all its cassette tapes and log them on an Excel document. The task wasnt explained very well but I managed to figure it out after asking a few questions.

It would have been nice to get a tour of the building and talked through a few things,  but I spent the rest  of the day collecting tapes, logging them on Excel and placing them in moving boxes.

Tuesday: Today I arrived even earlier and got breakfast before going to the studio. I arrived at 9:30am on the dot and was sent to the editing suite once more. I had gotten the hang of organising and logging the tapes quite quickly, I logged all the main tapes asked of me. I then asked if the individual DVD’S, CD’S and MINI DV’s needed logging aswell, the answer was yes. I spent the rest of the day infront of a laptop picking out all sorts of mismatched or unlabled CD’s from shelves and documented them on Excel.

So far thats all I have gotten to do. I had a brief talk with a recent graduate who also did work experience at North One previously. He informed me that he spent a whole week doing what I am doing. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

…and the nerves kick in.

So today is the night before my placement at North One Productions in London. I  cant believe time has flown by, it felt like only yesterday that the possibility of the placements were being selected and confirmed. I was pretty uncertain then as to what placement I would get,now knowing my placement however ecstatic, the uncertainty remains as it what to expect. At the same time, I look forward to seeing whats in store.

V festival on site production

V festival was amazing. All the hard work and effort put into my time at the office had all come into place with the most amazing results!

Friday on site wasn’t very busy and mainly consisted of getting used to the site and paths we would be taking for the rest of the weekend. Other tasks we had y were getting the four different edit and production trucks ready for the directors, preparing them with stationary, water, timetables and call sheets ect. It was also a good chance to meet the rest of the teams on site also getting a feel for timings and basic duties for each day.

Saturday on site was spent working as a runner for the stage one production team. At one point I was even asked to step in as a runner for the TV production truck. Working from 8.30 am to 11pm was tiring but what i was doing in between made it all worth while. Like Friday, the first tasks were to get the edit and stage visual trucks ready for the directors and assistants to start the day with accurate information in front of them. Other tasks to start the day were labelling tapes for each artist, photocopying and editing sheets. Later on in the day I visited the TV set for the first time, the behind the scenes set up is amazing, i never knew how many people were waiting behind the cameras each doing a job. Another highlight on the Saturday was being allowed to sit in the stage one live edit and video truck for the whole of Paloma Faith’s set. It was mind blowing, I had no idea that all the images shown on the jumbo screen were being directed carefully shot by shot to ensure the audience don’t miss a thing! There is also an ENG logger who watches the footage marking down good or bad aspects of each shot to report to the TV truck for clearance to be aired on channel 4. I’ve never seen so many screens in my life. One other highlight of the day was being able to stand by and watch some of the off set interviews with Katy B and even some intro/outro’s read by Steve Jones and Edith Bowman.

Sunday was spent assisting Artist liaison, which is basically the duty of getting the Artists from A to B- in this case from the artist area to there place of interview (the presenter tower or various other on site locations)and  I had the best time ever. Myself and Charlotte got to meet so many people including; Joe Dempsie, Olly Murs, Calvin Harris, John Newman, Ellie Goulding ect. Golf Buggying them around was a big responsibility but such amazing fun, I even had to go on a Food run for The Saturdays. Standing by on the interviews and watching on set was brilliant, so rewarding once i’d watched the highlights show afterwards and saw the scenes i was present when they were being recorded.

All I can say is thank you so much to Jim and David, I also wish a good luck to next years trustees who will be coming through the same process.

I thought I would also let you know I’ve started to build connections already! I’ve contacted everyone I helped or worked with with contact details and also added some of them on facebook to keep the networks going. Through this I’ve been sent the email of a woman who controls the live events for the BBC! there will be a CV on its way shortly

Louise xx

So to round it all up…

The whole experience was truly incredible, the people in the industry are amazing, everyone gave me the time of day and was friendly whether they were the runners or executives. I can not thank Jim and David enough! This is something I will never forget and although it was draining it was soooooo worth it and I’d do it ten times over.

Also Lianne Baker contacted me shortly after the placement saying she would like to know how my week went and discuss future opportunities with her, so tomorrow I’m off to Shepherds Bush in London where Endemol is based and am looking forward to it!

I just want to thank everyone involved that gave me this opportunity and experience, it has confirmed my thoughts that this is exactly the industry i want to be in.

Thank you! :D :) :)


My Week Continued…

Day 3 – WOW! best day yet!!! i got the opportunity to sit in on the rehearsal of BBBOTS, meet Emma Willis and then sit in the audience of the actual show that evening! amazing. It was great getting to see how the show is rehearsed (fairly quickly Emma’s a busy person) and how different it is from the fully constructed and edited version we see on the TV screen. Spending my day in BOTS was great i spent some time with the VT Crew where one guy shew me around one of the cameras they often use which was really interesting. I also did some general research for the upcoming celeb BB.

Day 4 – I loved today as it was spent with the task team which all the rest of the village had been telling me was very fun. Unfortunately the day i was working with them they didn’t have a huge task on so i didn’t get to actually go INSIDE the BB house like a friend i met also on work experience but i still had a great day. I was shadowing a runner and we had to go get some more alcohol for the housemates then had to debrand it all as company’s could say that it’s advertising otherwise. We also had to do the housemates laundry and other general jobs:)

Day 5 – was amazing! i worked with the live crew getting ready for the live eviction that night. This was exciting as i got to go round the live set and in the globe. We swept and cleaned the whole set as well as collecting deliveries and other general duties. The best part of the day was getting to watch Emma Willis rehearse and be stand ins for the audience members and Friends and family. So being (pretend) interviewed by Emma was pretty cool! I then was asked if i wanted to be in the audience for the Live show that night to which i said YES.. of course. It was truly AMAZING!

:D :D :D

My Week at BIG BROTHER !

Day 1 – Wow. Well i was very very nervous for my first day, walking up to the big iron gates with some very scary looking security guys (who were in fact extremely lovely people and very much part of the team). I started with a tour of the village and best of all the Big Brother house itself! This was incredible! its like a huge hallway which perimeters the bedroom, kitchen, garden etc. with many one way mirrors so that the cameras can film. It was a very cool feeling spying on the housemates so up close and in person aside from seeing them on a TV screen. I then spent some time in the DDF department where i was given a list of some timings of footage in which needed to be screen shot and saved then sent off to Press.

Day 2 – I spent today in the Reality department where i shadowed the runners there seeing what their job entails. I did basic jobs such as collecting lunch orders, going to Tesco’s to get them then deliver them to everyone, making Tea’s and Coffees etc. Doing these very simple jobs where probably in fact the most eye opening, it made it clear that the production would not get done without the runners getting all the ‘bits n’ bobs’ sorted. I also spent time in the Gallery where there are 40 odd screens all different sizes and these are live feed from small CCTV style cameras which are inside the Big Brother house. Also in the Gallery is the voice of BB itself! it was so cool to see BB talking to Gina in the diary room on one of the screens but at the same time looking at someone in a small box room speaking into a mic to her. That was a great moment where behind the scenes met what the audience see/hear on screen and see how things are actually put together.