Sophie Boyden

I did the work placement back in 2012 when I was 18 just before I headed off to university. I went to Remedy Productions and worked in the office doing research and also at the Remedy Studios for T4: Freshly Squeezed, helping out with music interviews and being a runner (saw lots of celeb interviews like Fleur East, Tinchy Stryder, The Script, Trey Songz) so it was a great experience!

I went to university afterwards to study Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University for three years and I am now working in Editorial and Digital Media at MTV. I am writing stories, making videos, doing shoots, interviewing music artists, movie actors, actresses and YouTube stars etc and helping with their Snapchat output. And I love it!! It's so strange actually as the other day I went to the Remedy studios (where I did the Tuskar work experience) as I was doing an interview for MTV and I recognised some of the guys that I did my work experience with! It was a weird nostalgic moment.

I'll never forget my experience with the Tuskar Trust it really did make me realise that this was the exact career I wanted to pursue and meant I kept doing as much work placements as I could throughout uni which has 100% helped me to get the job I'm in today so I am truly thankful. I'm so glad you are still doing it, would love to hear more about it!