Toby Kearton

My name is Toby Kearton and I was very lucky to have an encounter with the Tuskar Trust. My placement at Studio Lambert in London, gave me a great insight into TV Production and the inner workings of some of the BBC’s and ITV’s incredibly popular shows as I was placed within the production offices where key decisions were made by the showrunners, creators and writers. 

I’m am currently studying in Los Angeles taking my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film Production and Cinematic Arts. My experience through Tuskar allowed me to learn particular skills in the production environmentwhich I have carried through to where I am now, in organizing and directing short and feature films with a budget and production crew at Universal and Warner Brothers Studios. My passion for the visual medium led me to Tuskar whilst I was in England, and I am so grateful in having that opportunity to learn more about the workings of the film and television industry which will give me valuable knowledge I can put towards my future career.