Our Trustees


Joe Griffin

Joe has over fifteen years experience in the field of corporate sustainability working with global brands across telecoms, technology, healthcare, media and TV.

His work with business has taken him to many countries including Egypt, India, US, Mozambique, working on fascinating and diverse issues from conflict minerals and human rights, climate change and health and women’s social and economic empowerment.

Joe has been a Trustee of the Tuskar Trust since it’s beginning in 2009. He is a keen advocate for getting students to experience the workplace and enjoys connecting Tuskar Students with his TV industry network. 



Neil McCallum

Neil has 19 years broadcast experience, working across both production and also 11 years as a senior commissioner for Channel 4 as Head of T4, Youth Entertainment & Music.

 As a commissioner, Neil’s credits included: Shipwrecked, Popworld, Being N-Dubz and T4 On The Beach. Since 2012, Neil has freelanced as an Executive Producer at indies including Talkback, Pulse Films, Done & Dusted, TBI Media, Maverick Television. 

Neil re-joined Hungry Bear Media in late 2016 and can now be found trading on his Scottish surname and family history, since launching and heading up their Glasgow office based in The Hub at Pacific Quay. Neil has been a trustee of Tuskar Trust since the beginning.



Dermot O'Leary

Dermot was a prime instigator in the setting up of the Tuskar Trust back in 2008.  Whilst he has gone on to be one of the country's best known and highly respected presenters on both Television and Radio, he has never lost sight of his roots and the challenges to be faced in what is a highly competitive, challenging and dynamic industry.

This is one of the main reasons why Dermot has been very keen to facilitate opportunities wherever and whenever he can for young people to learn more about the industry ‘at the coal-face’ and to this end he is keen to support any venture which gives young people the chance to learn more about the world into which they may feel they want to go.

Dermot is passionate and enthusiastic about the work of the Trust and works hard each year to invite production companies to work with him in providing placements for suitable candidates.  The Trust is very fortunate to have a personality like Dermot O Leary to support their work.


James Gallimore

James is a Senior Partner and the Founder of Atlantic Swiss. Working in the US and UK markets, James is the Personal Financial Agent and Business Manager for a number of the group's international artists.

His experience with Finance and the media and entertainment industry has led him to become involved in many projects including the Tuskar Trust since its beginning in 2009. 

As well as looking after established artists, James also works closely with the development of new talent.



Jim Morrissey

Jim initially went into the commercial world when leaving school before choosing to pursue a career in education as a mature student. He has been involved in post - 16 education for most of his working life and this has given him an insight into the challenges and opportunities that await young people when they are choosing the next stage in their life’s journey, whether it be in further study or the world of work.  

As a Drama and Theatre practitioner, Jim has been able to develop a focused insight both as an educator and in a semi-professional capacity, into the world of the media and arts as a career and in turn this is informative regarding the skills and qualities needed to engage in such a challenging and dynamic environment.  

Jim believes that choosing one’s career is both exciting but also quite daunting in today's world. Therefore, he is committed to the idea of providing opportunities for young people to help them in their decision making about their future.  Jim has been a Trustee since its inception in 2009.